TheFunWe'veHadThe Fun We’ve Had (2014)

Lazy Fascist Press

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Two lovers are adrift in a coffin on an endless sea. Who are they? They are him and her. They are you and me. They are rowing to salvage what remains of themselves. They are rowing to remember the fun we’ve had.

“Michael Seidlinger is a homegrown Calvino, a humanist, and wise and darkly whimsical. His invisible cities are the spires of the sea where we all sail our coffins in search of our stories.”

–Steve Erickson, author of Zeroville

“Melding the static, high-concept premise of two humans floating alone on a coffin in a sea devoid of all else with stark and meditative prose, The Fun We’ve Had evokes a highly unexpected experience, somewhere between Beckett’s most hopeless solipsists and the mysterious energy of a child’s Choose Your Own Adventure-era dream.”

–Blake Butler, author of There Is No Year and Three Hundred Million

“It is obvious that Michael J Seidlinger had a great deal of fun writing The Fun We’ve Had. What more could a reader ask for?”

–Michael Kimball, author of Big Ray

“The best poets are writing poetry no matter what they are writing, creating entirely new and weird spaces. There is no doubt Seidlinger has made one of the weirdest spaces we will ever inhabit. In The Fun We’ve Had, every visible thing is a love of disturbing tremors, keeping ahead of our ever-curious eyes, hoping to savor every line. What a magnificent book.”

–CAConrad, author of The Book of Frank

“Seidlinger’s imagination is a sea unto itself, the reader riding these rollicking waves. This book will have you clutching pages as though they’re life vests. Fans of Calvino and Shelley Jackson will dig the slow submerge into this crazy romp.”

–Joshua Mohr, author of Damascus

“Michael J Seidlinger writes with the kind of weird, wonderful, joyful abandon that reminds the reader that world is still the great unknown. InThe Fun We’ve Had, he examines the long blank space between life and death, fills it with love and loss and boats made of coffins, with people clinging to life and using the weight of the past as ballast. This is a fun read, true; but it’s also a true read, and that’s what makes it so beautifully sad.”

–Amber Sparks, author of The Desert Places and May We Shed These Human Bodies

“Ready for an analogy? Here goes: When you need to give a dog a pill, you don’t just jam it down his throat, you wrap that pill in something yummy, like, say, ham. Michael J Seidlinger understands that this principle extends to people and books. So he’s got this pill he wants you to swallow, right? That pill is the truth about love and death and strife and, more generally, the messy mysterious business of being human, and also of being nothingness. Pretty heavy, right? Big old horse pill. But then Seidlinger, no fool, wraps it in the yummy slow-smoked maple goodness of his humor. He obviously had a fine time writing this book, which is precisely the reason you’ll have a fine time reading it.”

–Ron Currie Jr., author of Flimsy Little Plastic Miracles

A Must-Read Book Selection for May 2014

–Jason Diamond, Flavorwire

“The Fun We’ve Had is a smart novel that inhabits the interstitial spaces between reality and fantasy, life and death, love and hate. It also dares to explore that strange nonspace that lies between death and oblivion. This book, to be fully enjoyed, demands a curious reciprocity between reader and text because the reader becomes the couple and the prose morphs into a direct conversation, punctuated time and again by a question that interrogates on more than one level: ‘Are we having fun?’ And the answer to that is a resounding ‘Yes.'”

–Gabino Iglesias, Full Stop

“The proven range of Seidlinger’s imagination restat[es] itself here, and of his ability to take something like slipping the murky depths of eternity (the book is appropriately broken down into the stages of grief), and turn it into an apocalyptic, poetic, and existential fairytale.”

–Gabriel Ricard, Drunk Monkeys

“Like a modern Camus, nothing less than existence is at stake in Seidlinger’s latest voyage.”

–Peter Tieryas Liu, The McNeese Review

The Fun We’ve Had is a quick reading experience that doesn’t skimp on making the reader work and reflect on its questions, and its deceptively simple universe. For a first introduction to Seidlinger’s fiction, the balance of the familiar and the creative was carefully rendered to build an unfolding yet generally stable narrative. It’s an easy world to get lost in, and for as despondent as the situations are at times, it carefully moves in various directions, even if one is floating in an open coffin.”

–James Yates, The Fanzine

“All I know is that Seidlinger is consistently enjoyable to read, and whatever world he’s created here will be engaging, colorful, and, as the title says, most definitely fun.”

–Ashley Brooke Roberts, The Barnes & Noble Blog

“Seidlinger is charting a particularly surreal course that’s equal parts fever dream, heightened psychological realism, and archetypal study.”

–Tobias Carroll, Volume 1 Brooklyn

“There’s often a feeling of uncanny detachment between the reader and Seidlinger’s work. It has a tendency to draw you in and allows you to only get precisely as close as Seidlinger wants you to, to see the work at a specific distance that he’s determined. Like an expert filmmaker, Michael Seidlinger is the writer, director, cameraman, and producer of these written scenes.”

–Joseph Michael Owens, PANK

“…Michael J. Seidlinger’s The Fun We’ve Had—one of the most gripping books to come out in a while. Now sit back and bask in your creation and wait for the praise to roll in through Facebook and Twitter.”

–Quincy Rhoads, HTMLGiant

“By alternating perspectives between these two lonely characters Michael J Seidlinger engages in a compelling minimalism. What better way to show love than floating endlessly on the sea in a coffin?”

Beach Sloth

“Dreams are marked by a disconnect, by the surface and the depths; The Fun We’ve Had is a painting of both, with heavy white brushstrokes, neither quite translucent nor opaque, in the blank spaces in between.”

–Brent Rydin, Wyvern Lit

“Seidlinger wrote an original novel about the stresses and strains that plague contemporary relationships.”

–Lavinia Ludlow, American Book Review

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