MotherGun2Mother of a Machine Gun (2014)

Lazy Fascist Press

$7.95 | Buy, Like.

What happens when a woman gives birth to a machine gun?

Mother has something else to say but music won’t stop music is here to stay. For ‘music’, read language. In this headlong tumble of a novella, we see not only an (unhinged/possibly murderous) Mother searching for her (autistic/possibly murderous) son, but also we see language itself, banged up and tripping, a bleeding anatomy of Biblical, crime show, tabloid, service industry phrases joined into a body, hurtling towards impact, and wondering where its human inmates are.”

–Joyelle McSweeney, author of Salamandrine: 8 Gothics

“A haunting, deliberate, and compulsive text. A beautiful and devastating one. Here, where ‘Mother is a loss for words,’ the crime scene is not a grisly, violent one of death, but one that circles around birth, love, and the PTSD associated with mother-ness, a tidal influence of the beliefs one holds on to, the impending echo of life and loss.”

–Janice Lee, author of Damnation

“In Mother of a Machine Gun, Seidlinger strips away the world to show only a certain violence imposed on it. Which is, perhaps, what good fiction must always aspire to do.”

–James Tadd Adcox, author of Does Not Love

“Michael J. Seidlinger is a fucked up Dr. Seuss.”

–Trevor Sensor, HTMLGiant

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