messessingleMesses of Men (2015)

Lazy Fascist Press

$9.95 | Buy, Like.


What if your mother was a wedge of lemon? Would you still be a mess? The first Lazy Fascist double feature two original works, Messes of Men by Michael J Seidlinger and Lemon Heart by Matthew Revert. 

The taxicab sat purring idly. Right side hugged the curb. Taxicabs cluttered the city’s streets turning the evening on to a familiar yellow glow. The yellow fluid of the city coursed through its streets. Inside the Driver waited for the Customer. The Driver sat rigid watching the other cabs enviously. They were cabs with somewhere to go. The Driver kept one hand on the wheel and the other hand feeling the underside of the dashboard where a 9mm handgun is hidden held up by five strips of duct tape. The Driver called it Safety while anyone else could only call it an easy escape.

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