(Promotion) Buffet Feline is “Iron Tiger”




Alias/Known As: “Iron Tiger”

Real name: Zachary Hull

Number of victims: 38




~Worked the night shift at various 24hr diner locations.

~Gained following among late-night regulars after becoming a small-time bookie setting up betting pools based on after-hours bare-knuckle fights around the city.

~Soon expanded beyond bookmaking into the world of snuff film.

~Recorded fights to the death on video and sold it to customers.

~Scouted for fighters/victims at local gyms, enticing fighters with prospect of a rigged fight an easy money.

~Video footage leaked onto the World Wide Web.

~Soon after released full video confession along with footage of a fight wherein he loses.

~Left behind a trail of conflicting evidence leading to the arrest of dozen local fighters.


Be Mine


“His eyes would light up and I’d be pushing him into his room, telling him to get online, get on camera, and that I’m wanting him fully, in frame, ready and recording. There’s no better way to know every little thing about someone then by seeing them naked and alone, with only the dark lights and threat of humiliation forming around them from the bleak corners of their room. Him in his room, and me in mine… This is us, and we’re getting to know each other.




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