Jeremy Maddux interviewed me for the Surreal Grotesque


Feeling a little down-and-out myself right now, so I’ll let Jeremy Maddux’s excellent podcast copy do most of the fighting, but Jeremy and I spoke for a little under an hour about everything from “Sugar” Willem Floures, the main character of my latest novel, “The Laughter of Strangers,” to Alt Lit and social media. I’m happy to have been featured on the podcast and hope my whiskey-rambling makes sense to those that listen.

I spoke with Michael Seidlinger about his latest novel, boxing centric The Laughter of Strangers, and his own shortlived boxing background. We also talked about relationships that may or may not have inspired the soul devouring Claire from My Pet Serial Killer, why you should change up your writing approach occasionally, where America goes from here after the Nuclear Family paradigm and the social networking phenomenon. This interview was a lot like a boxing match. Michael’s got a strong chin, took everything I threw at him!

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My Pet Serial Killer & The Sky Conducting @ Mellow Pages Library

My Pet Serial Killer & The Sky Conducting @ Mellow Pages Library

Have you heard of Mellow Pages Library, out of NYC? You should. I donated copies of The Sky Conducting and My Pet Serial Killer. Here’s a library that’s exceedingly relevant, its collection of titles encompassing the world of small/indie press. This is the kind of library you want to go to to discover the future of literature and poetry. I’m excited to have a few of my books housed at Mellow Pages.

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The Sky Conducting featured in Dennis Cooper’s Year-end 2012 List

The Sky Conducting

Dennis Cooper‘s posted his year-end “Mine For Yours” list of his favorite music, fiction, poetry, film, art, and internet-related items of 2013. The Sky Conducting is among over a dozen pieces of fiction (including Eduoard Leve’s Autoportrait and Brian Evenson’s Immobility) that made the “cut.” I can officially die happy.

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