Heather Fowler interviewed me for Fictionaut

Heather Fowler interviewed me for Fictionaut’s Writers on Craft series. Here’s a snippet from the interview:

Oddly, I find solace in the grim details of a text, the ones that bare all and show the reader that there are no clean breaks, no certainties without dealing with the issue head-on. It’s when I see that what I am feeling isn’t any different than what so many others have felt that I begin to breathe normally again, perhaps even long enough to step outside and remember what it feels like to take a long walk with no clear destination in mind.


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“The Face of Any Other” reviewed by That Lit Site


Gabino Iglesias reviewed The Face of Any Other for That Lit Site and man, there are some really flattering and humbling words contained within that review. Here’s a sample:

The Face of Any Other is about love and being, but it’s also about frustration, obsession, truth, and the nature of desire. Michael J. Seidlinger is one of the bravest and most original voices in contemporary fiction, and this is yet another example of how he is willing to explore new ways of telling stories.

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“The Face of Any Other” listed as one of Verbicide’s top books of 2014

When you have the face of any other, you’re thrilled to see that others acknowledge your existence despite being invisible. Verbicide lists your book as one of the best of 2014 and you wonder about the author, Gabino Iglesias, the one that saw you on the street corner when most didn’t. This is what he had to say about you:

Seidlinger is that guy exploring the possibilities offered by experimental fiction and actually producing books worth reading out of that adventure. With font size, a voice that invades others, and using blank space in a way that communicates something, this novel was the most interesting look at identity anyone could have read this year.


When you have the face of any other, you offer up the link, hoping that others will check out every book on the list.

Largehearted Boy – Book Notes – “The Face of Any Other”

When you have the face of any other, you see the cracks peeling apart a person’s face, revealing the true identity hidden behind their false social façade. You are able to ascertain the difference between honesty and fabrication. You get to see their guilty pleasures. You get to find out if they actually like Stryper, One Direction, Bring Me the Horizon, Insane Clown Posse, Quiet Riot, or Taylor Swift. You get to see what they listen to when nobody is around. When you have the face of any other, you use this Book Notes opportunity to snitch on a number of characters from your book. This is what they listen to when alone. These are songs that they’d never ever be caught dancing, singing, or crying to, for fear of complete humiliation. For some, they wear their current favorites on their sleeve, hoping that their age hasn’t caught up to them. Yet.

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“The Face of Any Other” featured by Jeff Vandermeer on his Southern Reach blog

Not only is he one of the best writers working today, Jeff Vandermeer is also one hell of a literary citizen. He goes out of his way to be involved in all aspects of the literary industry, be it the small press world or the majors. Imagine how I felt then when he gave me the opportunity to guest post about my latest book, The Face of Any Other, you can imagine I was more than a little excited.


Michael J. Seidlinger is the author of a number of novels, including The Laughter of Strangers, The Fun We’ve Had and The Face of Any Other. He serves as Electric Literature’s Book Reviews Editor as well as Publisher-in-Chief of Civil Coping Mechanisms, an indie press specializing in unclassifiable/innovative fiction and poetry. He can be found on Facebook, Twitter (@mjseidlinger), and at michaeljseidlinger.com. Flavorwire recently called this unique writer “a kind of 21st century David Markson. He’s prolific and talented and we should all read together to try to figure him out.” I’ve long liked Electric Lit, Civil Coping Mechanisms, and the press that published his The Face of Any Other—Lazy Fascist Press (highly recommended in general). So I thought I’d ask Seidinger here to talk about his book…or, in this case, excerpt it. – JV


Talk about kind words. Definitely gives me fuel to burn on those dreaded Monday mornings.

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“The Fun We’ve Had” & “The Face of Any Other” listed in Flavorwire’s 25 Great Books You Might Have Missed in 2014

“I’ve only recently discovered the writing of Michael J Seidlinger, whose work is beginning to remind me of a kind of 21st century David Markson. He’s prolific and talented and we should all read together to try to figure him out.”
— Jonathon Sturgeon

Exclusive Excerpt from “The Face of Any Other” at The Quietus

The Quietus published what is essentially the first glimpse of “The Face of Any Other.” Prior to this excerpt, the book’s reach was limited to a few faithful readers and Cameron Pierce, the editor/owner of Lazy Fascist Press. But now, you can all have a look, if you feel inclined.


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