“The Face of Any Other” reviewed by That Lit Site


Gabino Iglesias reviewed The Face of Any Other for That Lit Site and man, there are some really flattering and humbling words contained within that review. Here’s a sample:

The Face of Any Other is about love and being, but it’s also about frustration, obsession, truth, and the nature of desire. Michael J. Seidlinger is one of the bravest and most original voices in contemporary fiction, and this is yet another example of how he is willing to explore new ways of telling stories.

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Alexandra Naughton interviewed me for the That Lit Podcast

Alexandra Naughton and I got drunk over Skype and talked for upwards of six hours. The podcast linked here is an edited down version, somewhere near two hours in length. Hope it’s coherent because I’m sure we weren’t for most of it.

That Lit Podcast with Alexandra Naughton. This episode features a lengthy conversation with author and lit hustler, Michael J. Seidlinger. The two get drunk and discuss the lit biz, the idea of ‘surpassing your mentors,’ Seidlinger’s book The Fun We’ve Had, Billy Corgan as facsimile, and other juicy gossip.


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