(Promotion) Tantra Bensko is “Rosemary”



Alias/Known As: “Rosemary ”

Real name: Tanta Bensko

Number of victims: 14



~Rose to prominence via word-of-mouth about unique healing business.

~Where many get tattoos and other body modification, offered something entirely different.

~Using a technique dubbed “positive waves transference,” was able to transform client body into a work of art.

~The resulting effect of therapies could change eye color, draw the inner dreams of a person onto their skin, increase/decrease muscle definition, and heal maladies.

~Alternative use of alternative medicine involved “rebirth” of bodies less than 24hrs dead.

~In order for the technique to work had to first give rise to one dead person.

~Used resurrected person to dig up/recover next dead source to be able to continue healing business.

~Realized that it was impossible to keep resurrected person without arising suspicion.

~Disposed of resurrected person by sequestering in windowless room until starvation.


Be Mine


“I will teach him a lesson and use his reactions as data. I get started but I’m already too far. I play with myself while playing with his computer. I find his phone on the kitchen counter. I add a few phone numbers. Every phone number is someone I’ve never met. Each phone number comes from one of my classes, people I’ve never cared for, people with which sociability comes easy. I toy around with security software. I alter the past so that it looks like I have yet to return to the apartment. I make it look like his computer hasn’t been accessed. I momentarily consider taking the bodies. Just to make sure, I leave for next door around the time he typically returns with his newfound lays, but he doesn’t come back so I get right back to work.”




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