“Pornography,” a new piece published by Tagvverk

Tagvverk Journal published a short little sample from something as-of-yet unannounced under the title “Pornography: An Excerpt from a Scrapheap Manifesto.” Here’s a sample from the piece:

 1. Break into homes but instead of stealing items, clean the house and leave behind a message that reads, “Thank you for this opportunity.”

2. Show a person how they’ll die and tell them it’s okay, “I’ll be right there with you.”

3. Lie to someone by telling them that their dreams come true. When they find out that it was false, tell them that they are closer now to believing their dreams are possible.

4. Replace all actions and statements with IOUs and tell everyone you encounter that it’s just “one of those days.”

5. When there is nothing to be said, play a song. Let it be on point.

6. Write your own ransom note and mail it to yourself so that when you receive it a few days later, you will experience one sheer moment of confusion followed by relief, a one-two series of pure bliss for having spoken too soon.

The pornography of the people is the material of misunderstanding.


Click here for the entire piece.