I wrote about Sun Kil Moon’s “Benji” for the Fanzine

Talk about a modern classic. Talk about an album that never gets old. Sun Kil Moon’s “Benji” is a snapshot of heavy feeling and I attempted to say something about its beauty in this article/interpretive review. Here’s a taste:

Why am I telling you all this? This is what Kozelek is doing in Benji. He is taking experience and exhuming it, letting it lay there, for us all to listen and see. He is showing his life and the lives around him, and, in doing so, he is creating a dialogue wherein you end up exploring your own. He is exploring what has happened in hopes of finding what has yet to come to pass. We’re all going through crises, existentialist worry and despair, dealing with the questions that flutter around our heads at the oddest of times. It could involve your career choice, or lack of a career choice. It could be due to your art, your writing—am I going anywhere with it? Am I reaching an audience? Or, to be plainer and far more on-point and realist, it could be about simply whether or not you’re making the most of your days. We should make the most of our days. We shouldn’t worry so much. We shouldn’t treat anxiety like a personality trait.

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