“Mother of a Machine Gun” excerpt at Similar Peaks

To coincide with an interview earlier today, Similar Peaks published an exclusive excerpt from a currently unpublished novella of mine titled “Mother of a Machine Gun.” Really thrilled to get this surrealistic piece out there to readers.


Click here for the full excerpt.

David Blumenshine interviewed me for Similar Peaks


David Blumenshine, the mastermind behind one of the more exciting new literary blogs forged as-of-late, Similar Peaks, asked me some questions, many of them that border on personal. Here’s a sample:

“what is yr process like?

“I have to stay interested in the piece I’m writing. I get tired of things easily so I’m always on a limited clock. This is probably why I write quickly; I become completely consumed by the piece I’m working on to the point where, sometimes (depending on the main character), I even get lost in the thoughts of the character. This is also why I almost need to write something definitively and with absolute certainty; if I’m not certain about it, I kill it off. I have a whole graveyard full of dead words. I’ve killed a lot and I will kill again. But I’m afraid of it—the killing. I’m afraid of what might happen if I stay with a piece for too long. The results can’t be good.”

Click here for the complete interview.