(Promotion) Shane Jesse Christmass is “Toby Cornwell”



Alias/Known As: “Toby Cornwell”

Real name: Shane Jesse Christmass

Number of victims: 40+




~Was a collector of projectile weapons and a moderately successful target shooter until moving on to bladed weapons.

~Developed a quasi-magic show utilizing knife throwing and other techniques.

~Two months after performing, started incorporating real torture and harm into show.

~Joined nationally syndicated show after six months of touring the country.

~Quickly garnered a following due to relative impressive, and realistic, showcase of blood and gore.

~Audience failed to recognize difference between misdirection/magic and actual harm.

~Volunteers were subjected to public torture while audience believed every bludgeon, cut, and puncture were a part of an illusion.

~Reported later that an average of three victims succumbed to the torture, perishing while in public view, mid show.


Be Mine


“In “Nothing Ever Happens,” you live the very same life you’ve built up for yourself but now everything you’ve earned, and everything you’ve owned, will slowly spoil. You’ll see that valuable estate plummet; you’ll see that fiancée and financially capable job flounder. You’ll find yourself in deep deliberation, wondering if it isn’t your life that’s falling apart but someone else’s. You’ll stand in line. You’ll buy the first ticket to the tragedy that’s entirely yours.”




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