(Promotion) Mel Bosworth is “Bill Giles”

Mel Bosworth is one of the nicest guys around but even the nicest person hides a dark side. Today, Mel Bosworth becomes “Bill Giles” in my latest serial killer profile:










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(Promotion) Ben Spivey is “The Preserver”



For the next couple weeks, I will be serial killer profiling – that is, turning YOU (people I know and respect) into would-be serial killers in commemoration and promotion of my latest book, My Pet Serial Killer.

Each profile consists of how many victims claimed, method used (read: the serial killer’s gimmick), and a paragraph from the book.

First up, I turn Ben Spivey into a serial killer.

He’s called “The Preserver” and he’s a badass. Check it out (buy my book!):


Ben Spivey is “The Preserver”

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