Drunk Tank – “Things I Could Be Doing Instead of Writing This Novel”

I started a new writing column for the lit/community site, Entropy, where I basically get drunk and rant about stuff. This shit has been really weird for me, which I believe to be a good thing. Is it a good thing? Do you think it’s a good thing?


The first article is available to read / to involve shame upon my lifestyle choices.

Click here, if you dare.

Here’s Something You’ll Probably Never Read

book fort


I wrote a little something I wrote, semi serious, semi fun, for HTML Giant. Here’s a sample:

Tsundoku, as in the act of buying and letting books pile up in various areas of your domicile where they become more a means of decoration. Maybe that’s not what we really intend on doing when we buy a handful of books at a local bookstore, buy another handful at a used bookstore, and finish it off with a few Amazon purchases, but we are certainly working towards a decorative sculpture of unread literature.

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