(Promotion) Natasha Cabot is “Miss Elizabeth”



Alias/Known As: “Miss Elizabeth”

Real name: Natasha Cabot

Number of victims: 10




~Worked as a licensed masseuse for 5 years prior to first experimentation with special oils.

~Oils confirmed to be a mixture of toxic chemicals that numbed the skin and resulted in confusion.

~Cut samples of client’s skin and preserved them to be fed to other clients.

~Severed incapacitated client’s major arteries and tongues.

~Drained blood into large plastic containers.

~Victims’ blood reportedly an ingredient in the special oils.

~Victims never regained consciousness.

~Bodies hastily disposed of without clear foresight.

~Tongues found in a basement freezer wrapped in cotton.


Be Mine


“I made sure to bathe the bodies I collected – and inevitably helped him dispose of – in chemical just off state road 15, the nightclub, yes that night club, with the seemingly forgotten basements and nearby storage units. Leave the body there for a little less than a day, bathed in powerful chemical, and there’ll be nothing left. Set them side by side, each in their own plastic carton, and they’ll be primed.”




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