(Promotion) Joseph Owens is “The Plot Marauder”

Someone profiled me yesterday. You’d think that would be just cause to slow down and let people be people rather than serial killers… but no. I’m back. I’ve never left. This time I’ve set my sights on Joseph Owens, a man that tampers as much with stories as he does your life. Great people make for great serial killers.

Today he becomes “the Main Plot Marauder.”












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(Promotion) Patrick Wensink is “The Candy Man”

Anyone want any candy? Just a tiny piece? Today I visit Patrick Wensink’s blog for a brief but memorable serial killer profile. Witness Patrick’s transformation into “the Candy Man”:



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(Promotion) David S. Atkinson is “That Guy”

Around and around it goes, the My Pet Serial Profile Blog Tour, and next up is David S Atkinson, author of Bones Buried in the Dirt. For such a nice guy, it’s only fitting that he’s the one author that simply couldn’t cut it as a murderer. No matter how many times he’s tried, he’ll end up being “That Guy.”












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(Promotion) Ben Tanzer is “Psych”

And it continues, the My Pet Blog Tour. This time I turn to the prolific and immensely talented Ben Tanzer who, for one day, becomes a serial killer. I get to alter, tinker, and destroy via serial killer profile.

The result is “Psych.”

Check it out:









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(Promotion) Mel Bosworth is “Bill Giles”

Mel Bosworth is one of the nicest guys around but even the nicest person hides a dark side. Today, Mel Bosworth becomes “Bill Giles” in my latest serial killer profile:










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My Pet Serial Killer reviewed at HTML Giant

And what a review, damn. Here’s an excerpt from the review:

Some people raise cats and dogs. Claire, the protagonist of Michael Seidlinger’s My Pet Serial Killer, raises serial killers. Caged within the pages of the book is the ‘Gentlemen Killer,’ his gallery of helpless women, and a whole panoply of cultural idiosyncrasies that seem strangely alien when viewed through the cool detachment of Claire. Claire is an experienced collector who dissects social rituals with the vivifying apathy of a biologist. I’ve read a lot of serial killer books in the past two years, most trying to differentiate themselves by latching onto a more unusual gimmick. My Pet Serial Killer distinguishes itself with a unique foray into the world of mass murderers that’s best encapsulated by Claire’s proposition to the Gentlemen Killer: “I support you financially. I give you a place to hide. I make sure you are never under suspicion of being what you really are, a cold-blooded psychotic killer (so hot), and, in return, you clue me into your process. You become mine.”

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Oh and here’s a random photo of a serial killer doing what serial killers do:


No, I take it back. Dexter is some kind of bullshit but it’s definitely not what serial killers do. I thought about putting up real photos of serial killer victims but, at the last minute, thought against it. Not everyone skimming this post will take kindly to some of those photos. Some of you might even like Dexter (really? What about it do you like? Do you think it’s “clever?”).

Anyway, yeah, it’s a great review. Thanks Peter for reading and really cutting into the corpse of the novel.

(Promotion) Ben Spivey is “The Preserver”



For the next couple weeks, I will be serial killer profiling – that is, turning YOU (people I know and respect) into would-be serial killers in commemoration and promotion of my latest book, My Pet Serial Killer.

Each profile consists of how many victims claimed, method used (read: the serial killer’s gimmick), and a paragraph from the book.

First up, I turn Ben Spivey into a serial killer.

He’s called “The Preserver” and he’s a badass. Check it out (buy my book!):


Ben Spivey is “The Preserver”

You may buy My Pet Serial Killer here

My Pet Serial Killer & The Sky Conducting @ Mellow Pages Library

My Pet Serial Killer & The Sky Conducting @ Mellow Pages Library

Have you heard of Mellow Pages Library, out of NYC? You should. I donated copies of The Sky Conducting and My Pet Serial Killer. Here’s a library that’s exceedingly relevant, its collection of titles encompassing the world of small/indie press. This is the kind of library you want to go to to discover the future of literature and poetry. I’m excited to have a few of my books housed at Mellow Pages.

Mellow Pages Tumblr


My Pet Serial Killer featured at The Lit Pub

My Pet Serial Killer featured at The Lit Pub

“To me at least, this book isn’t really about serial killing. It’s about Claire, nightmarish, frightening Claire. Claire is a forensic student who finds Victor, the serial killer, and makes him her pet. She houses him, finds him victims, and tells him what to do.”

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