(Promotion) Jacob Perkins is “Leviathan”



Alias/Known As: “Leviathan”

Real name: Jacob Perkins

Number of victims: 30+




~Worked during summer as an experienced commercial fisherman.

~Found other seasons less eventful, even boring.

~Turned to literature for a fitting outlet and escape and quickly used books as a lure.

~Hunted down a half-dozen locations where a fishing rod and 50 Shades of Grey proved to be perfect attractant to people walking the sidewalks.

~When 50 Shades ceased to work, turned to other popular culture reads.

~Baited victims into head-on collisions with incoming vehicles and other hazards before developing a different sort of lure.

~Removed spine of the book and replaced it with spring-loaded device with teeth.

~Victims’ hands gripped as if in a vise, used strength of the altered fishing rod to raise victim up to 8 stories off the ground before subsequent free-fall headfirst.

~When asked about the sheer oddity of his method, responded matter-of-factly, “I’m just as surprised as you are. I didn’t think it would work. The fish are smarter.”


Be Mine


“Peel back the surface layer and you’ll find a dozen more. The pickup game is played on as many levels as there are pickup lines. Now the two young guys are the ones watching, huddled together, unaware of the fact that I am the one that picked up the man, rather than the other way around.  What was said between the two of us remains a closely guarded secret. Like the two young guys, you’ll never know what we shared. When we’re gone, the two young guys read what’s on the scrap of paper: ‘You just witnessed the death of women. You are accessories to their murder.’”




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(Promotion) Matt Nelson is “Incandenza”



Alias/Known As: “Incandenza”

Real name: Matt Nelson

Number of victims: 30+




~Always was a fan of David Foster Wallace but could not stomach the fact that few, if any, that claimed to be DFW fans had completed the author’s magnum opus, Infinite Jest.

~Sought a bookclub wherein readers would be receptive to a critical analysis of the text.

~Failing to find any proper venues, chose to create something thought to be “just as good.”

~Loitered around Fiction sections of local bookstores, watching and waiting for customers to pull a copy of Infinite Jest from the shelves.

~Approached and asked customers outside bookstores pretending to notice off-hand the book, “Infinite Jest, huh, looking forward to reading it?”

~Answers deemed insincere and/or disinterested marked customer as targeted victim.

~Followed targets home, returned later to tie up and bind victim to a chair for subsequent reading.

~Fed page after page of Infinite Jest to victim until demise via strangulation and/or hemorrhaging.


Be Mine


“Though they haven’t yet tried, both have clearly spoiled their chances of meeting a girl tonight. They waste their time with meaningless banter, the fetishization of discussion and debate. I’m observing not because I find them in any away attractive; rather, I’m watching them being watched by a man that I’ve never seen before. He’s eyeing them like they’ve stolen something from him and it’s there, in that glare, that I see a glimpse, something promising. Might he be… But I’m swaying to the music. I’m not supposed to be aware of what happens next: Both of the young guys hold drinks in their hands like lifelines. Sip, gulp, refill. They are dressed in current fashion which does nothing for me but make it easier to lose them in the sea of clubbers looking, acting, smelling, and smiling alike. I have a very specific type.”



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(Promotion) Natasha Cabot is “Miss Elizabeth”



Alias/Known As: “Miss Elizabeth”

Real name: Natasha Cabot

Number of victims: 10




~Worked as a licensed masseuse for 5 years prior to first experimentation with special oils.

~Oils confirmed to be a mixture of toxic chemicals that numbed the skin and resulted in confusion.

~Cut samples of client’s skin and preserved them to be fed to other clients.

~Severed incapacitated client’s major arteries and tongues.

~Drained blood into large plastic containers.

~Victims’ blood reportedly an ingredient in the special oils.

~Victims never regained consciousness.

~Bodies hastily disposed of without clear foresight.

~Tongues found in a basement freezer wrapped in cotton.


Be Mine


“I made sure to bathe the bodies I collected – and inevitably helped him dispose of – in chemical just off state road 15, the nightclub, yes that night club, with the seemingly forgotten basements and nearby storage units. Leave the body there for a little less than a day, bathed in powerful chemical, and there’ll be nothing left. Set them side by side, each in their own plastic carton, and they’ll be primed.”




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(Promotion) Casey Van Buren is “DJ A/S/L”



Alias/Known As: “DJ A/S/L”

Real name: Casey Van Buren

Number of victims: 40+




~Rose to prominence as a local DJ that hosted a number of marathon raves.

~Remixed music into unprecedented 8 hour “trips” rumored to have a hallucinogenic effect on listeners.

~Manipulated audience with subliminal messages hidden into the low-end of audio spectrum.

~Raves reported to have attracted large amount of crime with many deaths.

~Causality unconfirmed for months before evidence pointed to intentional stimulation of audience.

~During subsequent interrogation, claimed to have intended on providing the biggest aural “high” and stated that casualties were bound to happen before finding perfect balance.


Be Mine


“I made sure to bathe the bodies I collected – and inevitably helped him dispose of – in chemical just off state road 15, the nightclub, yes that night club, with the seemingly forgotten basements and nearby storage units. Leave the body there for a little less than a day, bathed in powerful chemical, and there’ll be nothing left. Set them side by side, each in their own plastic carton, and they’ll be primed. Sludge or something similar. But he’s leaving her here, thinking she’ll disappear.”




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(Promotion) Jason Cook is “The Machinist”




Alias/Known As: “The Machinist”

Real name: Jason Cook

Number of victims: 12




~From an early age, found interest in the formation of puzzles and riddles.

~Often analyzed a puzzle not for its solution but for its structure.

~Interest evolved over formative years to encompass all categories of curiosity.

~By age 22, began exploring the composition of complex objects and organisms.

~A decade of independent study led to discovery of human body as one of the most complex organisms.

~Was compelled to experiment with cadavers before quickly discovering that bodies were not in fresh enough condition for study.

~Opted for still-living human body for further study and initially targeted consenting adults responding to an online advertisement

~Consenting individuals were drugged using complex anesthetic reportedly acquired from friends.

~Victim’s body systematically dismantled, organ by organ, under intention of seeing how much can be extracted from the human body before being unable to operate.

~Failed to satisfy interest before being arrest.


Be Mine


“It all started with a little bloodletting. Blood, saliva, and other bodily fluids are just that, fluids. It’s because of what I know. What I know is that the liquid, that fluid, isn’t yours. It isn’t theirs. It’s mine. It came from me. We leave smells, trails, and splatter wherever we go but here I am, telling a story with every moan. A moan, like a scream, tells so much more than simple words. The blood that is mine it binds to every surface. The floor at my feet, I let collect small drying pools. I bring my foot up, dripping in it, and you ask me to suck my toe. Does it feel right? Does it feel good?”




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Machinist the killer has nothing to do with Machinist the movie.


(Promotion) David Tomaloff is “David Evan Towers”




Alias/Known As: “David Evan Towers”

Real name: David Tomaloff

Number of victims: 22




~From age eighteen, knew that experimentation in violence would expand into the flesh arts.

~Spent most of his 20s developing an efficient form of drugging and disposal.

~First active from at age 25 and continued until detained at airport on flight out of the country.

~Understood that most successful killers are those that lack an MO

~Specifically targeted anyone within grasp.

~Used ketamine/midazolam mixture to subdue victims.

~Later reported victims to range from 18 to 23 and often looked for targets at a shopping mall two towns over.

~Used false name and a number of false job titles to attract victims with interesting conversation.

~Force-fed victims large amounts of a corn/wheat meal concoction until was stomach bloated and full.
~Favored methods of execution include exsanguination, scalding water, or, as in later cases, a bolt gun to top of the forehead.

~Often, sets of dots distanced by about 3/4″ on the feet, buttocks, or back are found.

~Burned the words “mule side” on victims’ hips or rear lower abdomen areas.

~Left bodies in nearby cornfields where they would most likely be found by nearby pickers and farmers.


Be Mine


“I’m quickly discovering he’s not much of a talker after he’s exhausted all introductions and quick casual lines. Everything’s practiced until he’s out of memorized and rehearsed material. He’s awkward at his most pure, and he’s incapable of matching my gaze when I’m still there, looking for more. He’s without another quirky and/ or confident line to dispense so there’s this awkward atmosphere billowing into the apartment, tempting to ruin what I’ve established. So I’m the one that has to tell him what to do. I’m telling him to go into his room, not mine, and start on the footage of number 28 hoping to figure out how number 29 was such a problem. He has to learn somehow.”




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(Promotion) Gabriel Ricard is “Martin Parker”



Alias/Known As: “Martin Parker”

Real name: Gabriel Ricard

Number of victims: 30+




~Was always fascinated with the elasticity of skin when cured with the right marinades.

~Donned the name “Martin Parker” and started a beef jerky business, Parker & Co, to moderate success.

~Sold well enough at the start but quickly realized Parker & Co could not compete without a special recipe.

~Spent years developing various recipes until temporarily abandoning business venture.

~Stumbled upon interesting flavor using skin-spice mixture.

~Experimented with recipe using moderate cuts of own skin from forearms, back, and thighs.

~Belief in having discovered a special recipe resulted in quick succession of missing persons.

~Captured victims by luring small groups of young teenagers in van under promise of alcohol.

~Developed successful recipe and Parker & Co experienced a two year run of success before authorities tracked widespread teenage disappearances to Parker’s estate.

~Remains incarcerated with no parole and frequently provides correspondence discussing recipe and method of capture to any and all interested parties.


Be Mine


“Jump a bit forward, spotting her with the man of mystery. Quick, rapid flashes of her holding hands with the man. Her getting into a Trans Am. The mystery peeling out of the apartment complex. Audience gets first glimpse of what the man might look like. Back to the night at present. Shot of the apartment complex sign as the mystery sped by, her in tow. Seamlessly transitions to a shot of the apartment complex sign presently swarming with nosy rubberneckers that pulled over on the side of the road to get a better look. The mystery clears out long before anything’s found. Out of sight, what happens you have to imagine. We aren’t gods in any scenario and the same goes for any story.”



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(Promotion) David Greenspan is “Greenspell”



Alias/Known As: “Greenspell”

Real name: David Greenspan

Number of victims: 8



~Worked on Wall Street for approximately a year before first reported activity.

~Watched American Psycho and was instantly enthralled by the Patrick Bateman character.

~Targeted female colleagues matching the fashion chic in line with characters from the film.

~Treated victims to elegant and trendy dinner and dance club date.

~Lied to victims about middle name being Patrick in order to be addressed as closely to the Bateman character as possible.

~Brought victims to apartment and played Whitney Houston to them while lecturing about the finer things in pop music.

~Drugged victims drink and upon passing out, trapped pet rats in victims body before smearing cheese around opening.

~Watched and read from film and novel of American Psycho throughout the act.

~Disposed of bodies in basement incinerator.


Be Mine

“So when it’s all so exciting and hopelessly final, the serial killer next door maybe knocking, showing its true self as your father, your best friend, your sister or brother, that no longer significant other that simply couldn’t move on, you’re ready to think about purpose and meaning and when you start letting those ideas roam free, it sounds something like trying to compare and contrast what “I am” compared to everyone else. But you might as well begin and end all comparisons on the violence of our everyday actions and reactions because that’s where the victim’s chance to break free ends. And when that weapon is made murder weapon and the location is made crime-scene, the last thing that’s important is whether or not the victim was a good human being or not.”



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(Promotion) Buffet Feline is “Iron Tiger”




Alias/Known As: “Iron Tiger”

Real name: Zachary Hull

Number of victims: 38




~Worked the night shift at various 24hr diner locations.

~Gained following among late-night regulars after becoming a small-time bookie setting up betting pools based on after-hours bare-knuckle fights around the city.

~Soon expanded beyond bookmaking into the world of snuff film.

~Recorded fights to the death on video and sold it to customers.

~Scouted for fighters/victims at local gyms, enticing fighters with prospect of a rigged fight an easy money.

~Video footage leaked onto the World Wide Web.

~Soon after released full video confession along with footage of a fight wherein he loses.

~Left behind a trail of conflicting evidence leading to the arrest of dozen local fighters.


Be Mine


“His eyes would light up and I’d be pushing him into his room, telling him to get online, get on camera, and that I’m wanting him fully, in frame, ready and recording. There’s no better way to know every little thing about someone then by seeing them naked and alone, with only the dark lights and threat of humiliation forming around them from the bleak corners of their room. Him in his room, and me in mine… This is us, and we’re getting to know each other.




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