(Promotion) Justin Mayberry is “This Guy”



Alias/Known As: “This Guy”

Real name: Justin Mayberry

Number of victims: 5




~Didn’t kill until first kill. Killed because the dude had a knife already. Seemed right.

~Killed because the victim was there.

~Got rid of the body in easiest way possible: left it there.
~Killed again because person was really annoying.

~Used a broken bottle and smothering.
~Got rid of body in the easiest way possible: left it there.

~Kept on ending up in situations with person easily able to be killed.

~Killed and left bodies there.

~Apprehended after fifth kill. Asked for motive, replied, ““I dunno. It was there.”


Be Mine


“The killer narrows his eyes. Crosses his arms, uncrosses them. Sighs. The killer stands up. The killer starts taking off his clothes. First the shirt then the pants. Lastly his underwear. He is erect and already stroking. The killer looks up directly at one of the cameras. The killer, instead of sitting back down, he walks off camera. The killer doesn’t appear on any of the other cameras. One by one the cameras go black. Spray paint across the lens, the hissing of an aerosol can.  Nothing is seen, only heard. The killer moves around the apartment. Only sound remains. The killer is typing something on the keyboard. The killer is talking to someone on the phone. The killer hangs up. He curses to himself. Tries again. Sounds like a different number. The killer is talking to someone. The killer is talking to someone. The killer is talking to someone. He is talking to someone. It is difficult to determine who. The voice is muffled but can be heard. It’s enough to disturb the master keeping track of his every move. Data recorded.”




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