“The Fun We’ve Had” reviewed by PANK

Joseph Michael Owens had some really great things to say about both The Fun We’ve Had and my obsession with the literary craft:

It’s nearly impossible to imagine Michael Seidlinger’s pen ever stopping. He’s already published more books than the majority of writers are likely to in their whole careers. The key feature of nearly everything Seidlinger writes is that it’s almost certainly guaranteed to be different than the last book he wrote. The only constant in Seidlinger’s writing—besides the shining quality of the prose—is change. Indeed, the only given is that he doesn’t show any signs of stopping.


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(Design) Joseph Michael Owens’s “Shenanigans!”

Here’s the cover for a recent redesign of Joseph Michael Owen’s eclectic collection of stories. Due to the playful nature of his prose, I knew, right from the start, that the cover would fixate on typeface and color; specifically how color consumed the negative space while the eyes quickly scanned to the words so freely scribbled across the center of the cover.