(Hot Stuff) Mira Corpora by Jeff Jackson

Wow, what a book. Mira Corpora is the kind of book that opens up a world that asks for nothing in return except to reveal something about you, the reader, that you might not have wanted to remember. Here’s an excerpt from the review, published on Tweed’s:


If you can remember, no matter how much we think we have lost, it’s easy to ignore the slow burn of remembering. The past blisters in from either side, blinding us by our faults. It is then that we can see it all for what it is, a bolder sighting of hopeful becoming. Seeing both the dream and the nightmare, the memory may get its chance to become. In its becoming, it may get a second chance to unravel. Until then, the “Jeff Jackson” on the page continues and, ultimately, the book becomes more than a narrative; it becomes the activation of the writer’s need to continue the story via the reader’s choice to read, interpret, and commit its images to memory. The ritual of reading a novel, the intimacy of paper and ink, widened eyes and full concentration, is the perfect synergy of physical and psychological. It is one of our oldest and most important rituals and it’s the one that ultimately turns novel into transcendence, the experience bold and true. Read Mira Corpora. Don’t be afraid. Reread it a second and third time. Ritualize and let it fully reveal itself to you. Its events become the ritual of life on the page.

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