“The Strangest” included in Volume 1 Brooklyn’s October 2015 Books Preview

The Strangest was included among other amazing October new releases like Lincoln Michel’s Upright Beasts in Volume 1 Brooklyn’s October 2015 Books Preview. As always, Tobias Carroll and Jason Diamond are on the pulse of indie and contemporary lit.

This is, apparently, the year for literary riffs on Camus’s The Stranger. Earlier in the year, Kamel Daoud’s The Mersault Investigation examined its themes from an Algerian perspective; now, Michael J. Seidlinger’s The Strangest updates its tale of alienation to the present day.

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How Do You Deal with Criticism? Jason Diamond Asked.

Jason Dimond asked a bunch of writers about how they deal with criticism for Flavorwire. He asked me and here’s what I said:

I’m the obsessive type. I’ll read every single review, every single email, every single rejection, every single damn Goodreads/Amazon review. I’ll read between the lines, looking for something that’s probably not there. I’ll take it personal. I’m aware of this character flaw so I steel myself and take a step back. I take it as objectively as possible. I look for a cue, something that pulls out the valuable nuggets from even the most negative criticism. I look for something constructive. If it’s not there, because it can’t always be there, I’ve got those friends and allies, those maniacs that remain at a writer’s side throughout good and bad. But ultimately, I don’t think anyone ever gets used to negative criticism. Either you grow numb or the negative undercurrent is always somewhat visible, audible, poking out from every batch of good reviews. The best anyone can do is steel up and remain objective. If not, a stiff drink and a night of friendly conversation never hurts to remind you that we’re all human and, in some way, hurting.


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PS – I totally just stole that image Jason used for the article (it was too good to not steal).

The Laughter of Strangers included in Flavorwire’s 10 Books to read in November


The Laughter of Strangers‘s publication date is fast approaching and DAMN if it hasn’t been given one hell of a nod. The book is listed as one of Flavorwire‘s notable books of November. Other titles include This Is Between Us by Kevin Sampsell, Hill William by Scott McClanahan, and The Isle of Youth by Laura van den Berg. Man, what a list! Big thanks goes out to Jason Diamond for including the book. Here’s what he said about the book:

Unexpectedly, Michael J. Seidlinger has given us the boxing novel of the year. The Laughter of Strangers is a tough and gritty book that will challenge you page after page, but it is oh so worth it.

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