(Promotion) Jason Cook is “The Machinist”




Alias/Known As: “The Machinist”

Real name: Jason Cook

Number of victims: 12




~From an early age, found interest in the formation of puzzles and riddles.

~Often analyzed a puzzle not for its solution but for its structure.

~Interest evolved over formative years to encompass all categories of curiosity.

~By age 22, began exploring the composition of complex objects and organisms.

~A decade of independent study led to discovery of human body as one of the most complex organisms.

~Was compelled to experiment with cadavers before quickly discovering that bodies were not in fresh enough condition for study.

~Opted for still-living human body for further study and initially targeted consenting adults responding to an online advertisement

~Consenting individuals were drugged using complex anesthetic reportedly acquired from friends.

~Victim’s body systematically dismantled, organ by organ, under intention of seeing how much can be extracted from the human body before being unable to operate.

~Failed to satisfy interest before being arrest.


Be Mine


“It all started with a little bloodletting. Blood, saliva, and other bodily fluids are just that, fluids. It’s because of what I know. What I know is that the liquid, that fluid, isn’t yours. It isn’t theirs. It’s mine. It came from me. We leave smells, trails, and splatter wherever we go but here I am, telling a story with every moan. A moan, like a scream, tells so much more than simple words. The blood that is mine it binds to every surface. The floor at my feet, I let collect small drying pools. I bring my foot up, dripping in it, and you ask me to suck my toe. Does it feel right? Does it feel good?”




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Machinist the killer has nothing to do with Machinist the movie.