(Promotion) Jacob Perkins is “Leviathan”



Alias/Known As: “Leviathan”

Real name: Jacob Perkins

Number of victims: 30+




~Worked during summer as an experienced commercial fisherman.

~Found other seasons less eventful, even boring.

~Turned to literature for a fitting outlet and escape and quickly used books as a lure.

~Hunted down a half-dozen locations where a fishing rod and 50 Shades of Grey proved to be perfect attractant to people walking the sidewalks.

~When 50 Shades ceased to work, turned to other popular culture reads.

~Baited victims into head-on collisions with incoming vehicles and other hazards before developing a different sort of lure.

~Removed spine of the book and replaced it with spring-loaded device with teeth.

~Victims’ hands gripped as if in a vise, used strength of the altered fishing rod to raise victim up to 8 stories off the ground before subsequent free-fall headfirst.

~When asked about the sheer oddity of his method, responded matter-of-factly, “I’m just as surprised as you are. I didn’t think it would work. The fish are smarter.”


Be Mine


“Peel back the surface layer and you’ll find a dozen more. The pickup game is played on as many levels as there are pickup lines. Now the two young guys are the ones watching, huddled together, unaware of the fact that I am the one that picked up the man, rather than the other way around.  What was said between the two of us remains a closely guarded secret. Like the two young guys, you’ll never know what we shared. When we’re gone, the two young guys read what’s on the scrap of paper: ‘You just witnessed the death of women. You are accessories to their murder.’”




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