The My Pet Serial Killer mixtape

The always amazing and always lovely Hannah Lee dubbed “My Pet Serial Killer” one of her favorite books of 2013. The nomination alone is enough to bring a smile to my face; however, she went one step further and created a mixtape for the book. That’s right. A mixtape. Can’t thank her enough for this. Have a listen and make sure to click that “heart” button to like the playlist!


Click here to listen.


(Promotion) Hannah Lee is “Claire Wilkinson”



Alias/Known As: “Claire Wilkinson”

Real name: Hannah Lee

Number of victims: 0




~Believes that there is a person perfect for her out there.

~Doesn’t seem to think that it’s impossible to really commit to someone as long as they commit to her first.

~She is a giver, not a taker.

~True commitment keeps a relationship from being more than a cheap fling.

~She sees it as a career move.

~Has seen and been in a lot of relationships, but seldom one that made her think about settling down.

~Vaguely understands that she has a very specific type..

~Love is considered to be precious, whatever that means.

~A lasting loneliness is what she fears most.



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Love, really?