(Hot Stuff) Monogamy Songs by Gregory Sherl

(Hot Stuff) Monogamy Songs by Gregory Sherl

Monogamy Songs is 2 sides (a and b) of sherlness at its best. Song samples, take them as tracks, select lines from a Vicodin sea of memorable ones:

Track 1 – “Touching makes the morning come quicker.”

Track 2 – “There’s no reason to care about the weather when there are roofs.”

Track 3 – “What is so magical about a marker?”

Track 4 – “When I am not writing poems, I am breaking backs.”

Track 5 – “This book is a sing-along poem.”

Track 6 – “At McDonalds I always try to supersize my gravatas.”

Track 7 – “I hope I am so late to work the world is already ending.”

Track 8 – “I have done so many studies on the economics of my heart someone should give me a lab coat.”

Track 9 – “Ghost fucking is a naked haunted house.”

Track 10 – “I don’t know why balloons exist, except to make children cry when they drop the string.”

Track 11 – “On the news people are sleeping in parks but it’s okay because pepper spray is now considered a vegetable.”

Track 12 – “In my heart I am busy packing a picnic I won’t have time to eat.”

I think it’s about time Gregory Sherl takes the book and reads from it in rhythm with the beat laid down by a few masterful beatboxers. Gregory Sherl – a man of poetry and many fucks, a man of heart and a hell of a rap career ahead of him. Sherl hip hop book tour 2013?