(Promotion) Steve Roggenbuck is “The Boosted God”



Alias/Known As: “The Boosted God”

Real name: Steve Roggenbuck

Number of victims: 60+



~Traveled the country reading, writing, filming, and promoting literary poetry and positive branding.

~Developed noteworthy fanbase due to consistent productivity online and offline.

~Began developing a possible, but radical offshoot of brand.

~Offshoot became a secondary venture. Set up numerous occasions where individuals expecting a reading ended up trapped in a windowless room.

~Room draped in darkness until single spotlight and a shadowy figure in a hoodie appeared, all individuals turning and watching as music – typically Skrillex, Justin Bieber, or Owl City – kicked in.

~Uplifting discourse followed by revelatory audience participation based on the prompt, “You only live once. Make something beautiful. What is holding you back?”

~Individuals let go and begin revealing all hesitance, fear, and resistance holding them back from living their lives the way they want to.

~Absorbed all negativity in order to boost; by morning, all individuals reported to have felt like a whole new person.

~ “Live your life” whispered in their minds, found later that individuals’ heart stopped for up to two minutes before starting again.

~All “victims” fail to remember the events but have since adopted a level of productivity and positivity.


Be Mine

“The students all wear white shirts and write, “I’m going to die” one after the other. When they’re done, they take their shirts off and put another one on. Their bodies are their message. What they wear and what they write is what they believe. I don’t bother to watch long enough to figure out the cause. What they’re protesting. I have my own protest. I preach my thesis and my data to the department chair. He is confused but captivated. This has happened all before. After a bit of discussion, I am given approval. At least another week of study. Another week is all I need. On the way back, I ask one of the protesting students, “What is this all about?” The student said, “We’re protesting the value of our lives.” With death creeping up, students fight for the fight they lack hoping it might save them from being yet another person forgotten, swept up by a serial killer and made little more than a number, a victim, a somebody-that-no-longer-is.”



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Make something beautiful before you are dead.