(Promotion) Gabriel Ricard is “Martin Parker”



Alias/Known As: “Martin Parker”

Real name: Gabriel Ricard

Number of victims: 30+




~Was always fascinated with the elasticity of skin when cured with the right marinades.

~Donned the name “Martin Parker” and started a beef jerky business, Parker & Co, to moderate success.

~Sold well enough at the start but quickly realized Parker & Co could not compete without a special recipe.

~Spent years developing various recipes until temporarily abandoning business venture.

~Stumbled upon interesting flavor using skin-spice mixture.

~Experimented with recipe using moderate cuts of own skin from forearms, back, and thighs.

~Belief in having discovered a special recipe resulted in quick succession of missing persons.

~Captured victims by luring small groups of young teenagers in van under promise of alcohol.

~Developed successful recipe and Parker & Co experienced a two year run of success before authorities tracked widespread teenage disappearances to Parker’s estate.

~Remains incarcerated with no parole and frequently provides correspondence discussing recipe and method of capture to any and all interested parties.


Be Mine


“Jump a bit forward, spotting her with the man of mystery. Quick, rapid flashes of her holding hands with the man. Her getting into a Trans Am. The mystery peeling out of the apartment complex. Audience gets first glimpse of what the man might look like. Back to the night at present. Shot of the apartment complex sign as the mystery sped by, her in tow. Seamlessly transitions to a shot of the apartment complex sign presently swarming with nosy rubberneckers that pulled over on the side of the road to get a better look. The mystery clears out long before anything’s found. Out of sight, what happens you have to imagine. We aren’t gods in any scenario and the same goes for any story.”



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