Alexandra Naughton interviewed me for the That Lit Podcast

Alexandra Naughton and I got drunk over Skype and talked for upwards of six hours. The podcast linked here is an edited down version, somewhere near two hours in length. Hope it’s coherent because I’m sure we weren’t for most of it.

That Lit Podcast with Alexandra Naughton. This episode features a lengthy conversation with author and lit hustler, Michael J. Seidlinger. The two get drunk and discuss the lit biz, the idea of ‘surpassing your mentors,’ Seidlinger’s book The Fun We’ve Had, Billy Corgan as facsimile, and other juicy gossip.


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Drunk Tank – “Things I Could Be Doing Instead of Writing This Novel”

I started a new writing column for the lit/community site, Entropy, where I basically get drunk and rant about stuff. This shit has been really weird for me, which I believe to be a good thing. Is it a good thing? Do you think it’s a good thing?


The first article is available to read / to involve shame upon my lifestyle choices.

Click here, if you dare.

A Very Writerly Interview @ The Open End

A Very Writerly Interview @ The Open End

Michael Davidson interviewed me about the debauchery that occurred at AWP this year. Before going into the interview, there is one term to memorize:

Writerly” – 1) the act of being damn fucking writerly 2) snootiness without the stench of people getting high off their own farts 3) An inside joke.

It’s serious business. When you’re ready…

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