“The Strangest” and Numerous CCM Titles Included in Dennis Cooper’s Best of 2015

Dennis Cooper’s best of 2015 includes numerous CCM titles, *this guy’s* THE STRANGEST, Mark Doten’s THE INFERNAL, Eduoard Leve’s NEWSPAPER, Sean Kilpatrick’s SUCKER JUNE, Lucia Berlin’s A MANUAL FOR CLEANING WOMEN, Eileen Myles’ CHELSEA GIRLS, Lidia Yuknavitch’s THE SMALL BACKS OF CHILDREN, Mark Gluth’s THE GONERS, Sarah Jean Alexander’s WILDLIVES, Gregory Howard’s HOSPICE, Tosh Berman’s JUNE 1, 2014, Molly Gaudry’s DESIRE: A HAUNTING, Pierre Guyotat’s IN THE DEEP, Ashley Farmer’s THE FARMACIST, Anne Garréta’s SPHINX, Johannes Göransson’s THE SUGAR BOOK, Oliver Mol’s LION ATTACK!, Ben Fama’s FANTASY, Noah Cicero’s BIPOLAR COWBOY, Sonya Vatomsky’s SALT IS FOR THE CURING, Thomas Moore’s SKELETON COSTUMES, Heather Christle’s HELIOPAUSE, Paul Cunningham’s GOAL/TENDER MEAT/TENDER, Joyelle McSweeney’s THE NECROPASTORAL: POETRY, MEDIA, OCCULTS, Gary Lutz’ THE GOTHAM GRAMMARIAN, Lucy K Shaw’s THE MOTION, Janice Lee’s RECONSOLIDATION, Mira Gonzalez/Tao Lin’s SELECTED TWEETS, numerous Boss Fight Books titles, and more.

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“The Fun We’ve Had” featured on Dennis Cooper’s Best of 2014 list

What a list–comprehensive, well-representative of indie/small press, and full of titles that elegantly cross the line of what we call “contemporary.” I’m excited to see that Cooper included “The Fun We’ve Had” on the list. There is no better honor than being recognized by one of the best literary citizens of all time. \m/ Dennis Cooper \m/.




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Dennis Cooper read and loved “The Fun We’ve Had”

Alongside three other amazing books, “Scarecrone” by Melissa Broder, “Earthbound” by Ken Baumann, and “Horse Girl” by Kalliopi Mathios, Dennis not only read The Fun We’ve Had but also made certain to mention on his blog, DC’s, that he enjoyed/recommended it. A long time fan of Dennis Cooper’s work, both on the page and on the stage, this is truly a humbling and heartwarming occasion. Cooper continues to be a model lit citizen wherein he continues to innovate and create new benchmarks for the rest of us to admire while also looking over his shoulder to keep track of the indie/literary scene while he continues his ascent. There aren’t many out there that insist on maintaining a foothold on the conditions of the literary scene but Dennis Cooper has been doing this for as long as anyone can remember. He’s truly one of the best and I’m absolutely ecstatic to know that Dennis loved The Fun We’ve Had.


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Dennis Cooper lists My Pet Serial Killer as a 2013 favorite.

Dennis Cooper is quite possibly the best supporter of indie lit. Where many typically focus on whatever enters their view (via extensive publicity, etc), Dennis keeps his finger on the pulse of the indie lit scene. He watches and wish-lists many an indie/small press book title… and reads them too! That’s why I’m so thrilled to have made it into his year-end “best of” list for the second year (last year it was for “The Sky Conducting“). Dennis listed “My Pet Serial Killer” as one of his favorite novels of 2013. Couldn’t be happier to be included in a list full of top-notch titles like “Mira Corpora” by Jeff Jackson, “Crapalachia” by Scott McClanahan, “Taipei” by Tao Lin, “Haute Surveillance” by Johannes Goransson, and “Solip” by Ken Baumann. This is truly worth celebrating. 2013 was a damn good year.


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My Pet Serial Killer is one of Dennis Cooper’s favorite books of 2013 so far.



Dennis Cooper included My Pet Serial Killer as one of his favorites of 2013 so far along with a lot of great books, films, and music. Some of the notable books include Crapalachia by Scott McClanahan, Taipei by Tao Lin, In the House upon the Dirt between the Lake and the Woods by Matt Bell, Throne of Blood by Cassandra Troyan, Bluebird and Other Tattoos by Luna Miguel, Young Americans by Jordan Castro, and Happy Rock by Matthew Simmons.


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