(Promotion) David Tomaloff is “David Evan Towers”




Alias/Known As: “David Evan Towers”

Real name: David Tomaloff

Number of victims: 22




~From age eighteen, knew that experimentation in violence would expand into the flesh arts.

~Spent most of his 20s developing an efficient form of drugging and disposal.

~First active from at age 25 and continued until detained at airport on flight out of the country.

~Understood that most successful killers are those that lack an MO

~Specifically targeted anyone within grasp.

~Used ketamine/midazolam mixture to subdue victims.

~Later reported victims to range from 18 to 23 and often looked for targets at a shopping mall two towns over.

~Used false name and a number of false job titles to attract victims with interesting conversation.

~Force-fed victims large amounts of a corn/wheat meal concoction until was stomach bloated and full.
~Favored methods of execution include exsanguination, scalding water, or, as in later cases, a bolt gun to top of the forehead.

~Often, sets of dots distanced by about 3/4″ on the feet, buttocks, or back are found.

~Burned the words “mule side” on victims’ hips or rear lower abdomen areas.

~Left bodies in nearby cornfields where they would most likely be found by nearby pickers and farmers.


Be Mine


“I’m quickly discovering he’s not much of a talker after he’s exhausted all introductions and quick casual lines. Everything’s practiced until he’s out of memorized and rehearsed material. He’s awkward at his most pure, and he’s incapable of matching my gaze when I’m still there, looking for more. He’s without another quirky and/ or confident line to dispense so there’s this awkward atmosphere billowing into the apartment, tempting to ruin what I’ve established. So I’m the one that has to tell him what to do. I’m telling him to go into his room, not mine, and start on the footage of number 28 hoping to figure out how number 29 was such a problem. He has to learn somehow.”




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