(Hot Stuff) Bones Buried in the Dirt by David S. Atkinson




I reviewed David S Atkinson’s debut short story collection, Bones Buried in the Dirt, over at InDigest Magazine. There aren’t very many books that set out to authentically capture the voice of a young narrator and far less that manage to succeed. Atkinson has achieved this and more. Here is an excerpt from the review:


I am baffled by what Atkinson has achieved with these stories. Most authors, upon treading into uncharted territory, will write from a 3rd person perspective. Not David. He has not only attempted to capture a voice befitting of the age but also managed to make it entirely his own. His sentences are pure and candid. And yet, I keep returning to the title and what David is trying to tell us. Perhaps he is telling us about how we treat our memories; perhaps he is showing us how we are quick to devalue memory. Ultimately, I ask myself the question, what do we bury in the dirt, the clutter of our adult lives but the memories of childhood?


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(Promotion) David S. Atkinson is “That Guy”

Around and around it goes, the My Pet Serial Profile Blog Tour, and next up is David S Atkinson, author of Bones Buried in the Dirt. For such a nice guy, it’s only fitting that he’s the one author that simply couldn’t cut it as a murderer. No matter how many times he’s tried, he’ll end up being “That Guy.”












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My Pet Serial Killer featured at The Lit Pub

My Pet Serial Killer featured at The Lit Pub

“To me at least, this book isn’t really about serial killing. It’s about Claire, nightmarish, frightening Claire. Claire is a forensic student who finds Victor, the serial killer, and makes him her pet. She houses him, finds him victims, and tells him what to do.”

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