(Promotion) David James Keaton is “Armstrong”



Alias/Known As: “Armstrong”

Real name: David James Keaton

Number of victims: 18




~Owned a toy store that sold nothing but Stretch Armstrong brand toys.

~After the store quickly folded, had trouble dealing with failure.

~Did not know how to get rid of a roomful of inventory.

~Attempted to give the toys away but few took them.

~Unable to face the dead plastic stare of Stretch Armstrong, impulsively looked for places to hide inventory.

~Disposed of some via dumpsters across the city until one night two teenagers watched the act.

~Post ridicule for odd behavior, used brass knuckles to render both teenagers unconscious.

~Took Stretch Armstrong toys and inserted them into unconscious teenagers’ bodies.

~Surprised to see how easy Stretch Armstrong fits inside the human body.

~Stalked others in the park late at night in hopes of riding inventory until capture.


Be Mine


“Cue a montage of choices. Close-ups of various bodies, hanging from clothes hangers, the woman going through them like clothes on a rack. Get the impression of a carefully selected inventory based on the taste of the clientele – the woman. The mall is empty. The mystery is that there’s only one customer for this type of product. Not this type. How about this type? More meat, less fat on the bone. My serial killer likes women more than men. You’re looking for friends? The puppet. — You should know what I’m looking for. The woman. I know what you’re looking for more than this manager. We’ll try a different store. Every store offers the same. I’m looking for a rarity. You’re looking for a friend that doesn’t know it’s been bought. Is that so much to ask?”



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