(Promotion) David Greenspan is “Greenspell”



Alias/Known As: “Greenspell”

Real name: David Greenspan

Number of victims: 8



~Worked on Wall Street for approximately a year before first reported activity.

~Watched American Psycho and was instantly enthralled by the Patrick Bateman character.

~Targeted female colleagues matching the fashion chic in line with characters from the film.

~Treated victims to elegant and trendy dinner and dance club date.

~Lied to victims about middle name being Patrick in order to be addressed as closely to the Bateman character as possible.

~Brought victims to apartment and played Whitney Houston to them while lecturing about the finer things in pop music.

~Drugged victims drink and upon passing out, trapped pet rats in victims body before smearing cheese around opening.

~Watched and read from film and novel of American Psycho throughout the act.

~Disposed of bodies in basement incinerator.


Be Mine

“So when it’s all so exciting and hopelessly final, the serial killer next door maybe knocking, showing its true self as your father, your best friend, your sister or brother, that no longer significant other that simply couldn’t move on, you’re ready to think about purpose and meaning and when you start letting those ideas roam free, it sounds something like trying to compare and contrast what “I am” compared to everyone else. But you might as well begin and end all comparisons on the violence of our everyday actions and reactions because that’s where the victim’s chance to break free ends. And when that weapon is made murder weapon and the location is made crime-scene, the last thing that’s important is whether or not the victim was a good human being or not.”



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