The Mysterious “Mourning Goats” Gave Me the 20-Questions

I’m not the first to face off against the infamous Mourning Goats. In fact, I’m No. 59. I like odd numbers. 59 seems like a number given to the underdog. I’m fine with that.

Among questions dealing with the writing craft and my role at Civil Coping Mechanisms, Goats asks me about my next book, The Laughter of Strangers. This may or may not be the first time I’ve explained the basic premise of the novel. Here’s what I said:

The Laughter of Strangers is about a boxer celebrity named Willem Floures on the tail end of his career, struggling to remain the current “most noteworthy” version of himself. This is a world where fighting in the ring means fighting yourself. You face the versions that decided differently; you wage war with the versions that want to be the penultimate, the one that best represents “Willem Floures.” This is a story about the version that had it all and yet still wants more, he wants to keep fighting and is willing to do whatever it takes, even if it means losing himself in the process.


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My Pet Serial Killer is one of Dennis Cooper’s favorite books of 2013 so far.



Dennis Cooper included My Pet Serial Killer as one of his favorites of 2013 so far along with a lot of great books, films, and music. Some of the notable books include Crapalachia by Scott McClanahan, Taipei by Tao Lin, In the House upon the Dirt between the Lake and the Woods by Matt Bell, Throne of Blood by Cassandra Troyan, Bluebird and Other Tattoos by Luna Miguel, Young Americans by Jordan Castro, and Happy Rock by Matthew Simmons.


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Jessica Rawls interviewed me for Before Sunrise





Here’s an excerpt:

BSP: So it seems you’ve been a jack of all trades. How did you come about mingling with so many varying paths and which was your favorite?

Seidlinger: “I have no idea. I am never the person that remains indecisive. If I want to pursue something, I just do it. I don’t linger around the idea for long. It’s probably why I ended up in so many different scenarios. I also feel like I’ve mellowed out extremely since focusing on writing/publishing. Those days of venturing up and down an interstate, blacking out in a band practice space, blowing out my vocal chords at a basement hardcore metal show due to the PA short-circuiting and being too lost in the music to notice, seeing my hands dry, red, and swarming with rashes due to the various chemicals used to detail (clean) cars all day, even waking up at 2AM to drive around the suburbs with certain struggling artists thinking that we might have to break into one of the houses, robbing the place (desperation does crazy things), forming insanely impractical plans only to end up at the local breakfast place, shortly before dawn, consumed by the doom of seeing our music/art dreams dying before our very eyes due to a lack of funds… yeah, I guess I never lingered around the idea of giving an idea a shot; I just started it. With very mixed results.”

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Sarah Jean Alexander interviewed me for Publishing Genius


From the interview:

What is Michael Seidlinger’s mission statement?

Good question. It would have to do with being extremely productive, maybe the sappy and cliché “ be true to literary goals,” umm, but yeah, also making sure to take in your fair share of good reads and good booze. It’s always important to catch up with the community at conferences and important events. Honestly though, my mission statement would be: Write 1000 words and bike 2-5 miles. Daily. Since moving to New York I haven’t been able to fulfill the biking part. But I intend on making up for lost time, soon.

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