(Promotion) Casey Van Buren is “DJ A/S/L”



Alias/Known As: “DJ A/S/L”

Real name: Casey Van Buren

Number of victims: 40+




~Rose to prominence as a local DJ that hosted a number of marathon raves.

~Remixed music into unprecedented 8 hour “trips” rumored to have a hallucinogenic effect on listeners.

~Manipulated audience with subliminal messages hidden into the low-end of audio spectrum.

~Raves reported to have attracted large amount of crime with many deaths.

~Causality unconfirmed for months before evidence pointed to intentional stimulation of audience.

~During subsequent interrogation, claimed to have intended on providing the biggest aural “high” and stated that casualties were bound to happen before finding perfect balance.


Be Mine


“I made sure to bathe the bodies I collected – and inevitably helped him dispose of – in chemical just off state road 15, the nightclub, yes that night club, with the seemingly forgotten basements and nearby storage units. Leave the body there for a little less than a day, bathed in powerful chemical, and there’ll be nothing left. Set them side by side, each in their own plastic carton, and they’ll be primed. Sludge or something similar. But he’s leaving her here, thinking she’ll disappear.”




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