My Pet Serial Killer featured at The Lit Pub

My Pet Serial Killer featured at The Lit Pub

“To me at least, this book isn’t really about serial killing. It’s about Claire, nightmarish, frightening Claire. Claire is a forensic student who finds Victor, the serial killer, and makes him her pet. She houses him, finds him victims, and tells him what to do.”

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(Hot Stuff) Monogamy Songs by Gregory Sherl

(Hot Stuff) Monogamy Songs by Gregory Sherl

Monogamy Songs is 2 sides (a and b) of sherlness at its best. Song samples, take them as tracks, select lines from a Vicodin sea of memorable ones:

Track 1 – “Touching makes the morning come quicker.”

Track 2 – “There’s no reason to care about the weather when there are roofs.”

Track 3 – “What is so magical about a marker?”

Track 4 – “When I am not writing poems, I am breaking backs.”

Track 5 – “This book is a sing-along poem.”

Track 6 – “At McDonalds I always try to supersize my gravatas.”

Track 7 – “I hope I am so late to work the world is already ending.”

Track 8 – “I have done so many studies on the economics of my heart someone should give me a lab coat.”

Track 9 – “Ghost fucking is a naked haunted house.”

Track 10 – “I don’t know why balloons exist, except to make children cry when they drop the string.”

Track 11 – “On the news people are sleeping in parks but it’s okay because pepper spray is now considered a vegetable.”

Track 12 – “In my heart I am busy packing a picnic I won’t have time to eat.”

I think it’s about time Gregory Sherl takes the book and reads from it in rhythm with the beat laid down by a few masterful beatboxers. Gregory Sherl – a man of poetry and many fucks, a man of heart and a hell of a rap career ahead of him. Sherl hip hop book tour 2013?

(Hot Stuff) “The Alligators of Abraham” by Robert Kloss

History tells of unexpected victories and cataclysmic tragedies. Other histories tell of high-action events and patriotic happenstance. The history contained within Robert Kloss’s debut novel speaks of the history passed over, unsaid and neglected by the word-counting journalists looking for the next great byline.

This is highly textural, highly readable fiction. This novel is, quite simply, amazing.