Show Me Your Shelves: Michael J. Seidlinger

I’m obsessed.

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I’ve been lucky enough to meet outstanding people who are as obssesed with books as I am. Author/editor/Publisher/designer/madman Michael J Seidlinger is one of them. Seidlinger lives for books and talking literature with him is a pleasure, just like reading his work. I’ve sent him books and he’s sent me books, but I’d never seen his stacks. Here they are, along with some great answers.

Who are you and what role do books play in your life?

My name is Michael J Seidlinger and I have a problem with books. To be more specific, books have consumed my life. Life revolves around the sentence and making sure it leads me to the best narratives, the best ideas, and the best brand of liquor. I don’t know how to live without books flanking me from all sides. To be even more specific, I’m a writer (The Laughter of Strangers, My Pet Serial Killer

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