The Fun We’ve Had reviewed by Beach Sloth

The Sloth has spoken with one hell of a review of the book. Here’s a brief snippet:

What better way to show love than floating endlessly on the sea in a coffin? This is the premise of Michael Seidlinger’s “The Fun We’ve Had”. Everything is stripped down to the essentials: two characters their interactions forming the bulk of the material. Most of their interactions are internal observations keen awareness of the dynamics of the relationship. From this incredibly bleak viewpoint there is a form of affection between the two. By alternating perspectives between these two lonely characters Michael Seidlinger engages in a compelling minimalism.

Beach Sloth

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Beach Sloth reviewed “The Fun We’ve Had” airport performance art piece

Beach Sloth reviewed “The Fun We’ve Had” airport performance art piece. About 24 hrs since the completion of the piece, I’ve only just begun to recuperate. I’ve got enough energy to post about this excellent review. Thanks Beachy for continually being awesome. A sample from the review:

Love is what is keeping Michael Seidlinger going in the Seattle airport, besides alcohol, coffee, and airport ‘food’. It is hard to eat in an airport when everything costs thirty five dollars. Michael Seidlinger knows this well. His mind has begun seeing things, like electrical outlets where there are none. Life without Internet in an airport is a tough life indeed. Nobody wants to go too long without having a kind of recharging station. Everybody is a digital person now whether or not they choose to be. The Internet life is one of hard-work, relevance, and little pay.

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The Sloth has spoken.

Vol 1 Brooklyn lists me as MVP of 2013

Alongside friend and all-around awesome bud Beach Sloth, Eric Nelson has made me an MVP of 2013. Talk about holy-shit. Talk about awesome. Couldn’t be more thrilled. Here’s what Eric had to say:

The award for MVP in promoting the work of other writers is a tie between Michael J. Seidlinger and Beach Sloth, who in addition to both being prolific in their own rite, go out of their way on a regular basis to champion work they believe in whether it’s popular or not.

Eric listed a bonafide cornucopia of awesome that you really should check out. This isn’t your typical year-end lists. And yup, I actually used the word “cornucopia.” Something this awesome called for it.


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Beach Sloth reviewed “The Laughter of Strangers”

Beach Sloth, one of the friendliest and most honest internet presences online, reviewed The Laughter of Strangers. As a master of the internet brand, Sloth taps right into the meat of the book: man as spectacle, individual as salable object. Here’s a sample of what he had to say:

 ‘The Laughter of Strangers’ is the person as a spectacle, the man as the MEME. Unable to change the discussion the narrator becomes trapped. Society does this to the narrator. Accustomed to literal fights, the blows to the head, the narrator can’t handle blows to his ego. Despite the narrator’s tough exterior (tattoos, scars, and broken bones) he retreats deep into his mind. By being inside his mind he allows single words to morph into terrible things, hurtful things. Over-analysis from the narrator destroys his fragile mind. Left alone to his own devices (the TV as his companion) he breaks down from the jabs of news media, various headlines, false stories, etc.

Beach Sloth Original

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