Peter Tieryas Liu recommends “The Fun We’ve Had” at McNeese Review



Peter Tieryas Liu is awesome. Just look at the picture above. He’s all smiles all the time. The guy’s the best, and then he goes and does something like this, recommending my latest novel. This guy is pure metal. Here’s a sample from his recommendation:

Michael Seidlinger’s The Fun We’ve Had is a mix of life, death, hate, love, a journey inside a coffin in the ocean, an allegory for the wars we wage against the inevitability of mortality. Like a modern Camus, nothing less than existence is at stake in Seidlinger’s latest voyage: “Each wave is its own feeling, rhythmic crashing of those that resist the tides… The waves are hellos; the incoming storm is the sincerest goodbye.” Sincerity, a struggle for candor, conflicted machismo, embroidered secrets that are exposed, armies of sharks, and the lines painted into the waves are the troughs and crests that fluctuate through the spectrum of human nature.



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The Laughter of Strangers included in Flavorwire’s 10 Books to read in November


The Laughter of Strangers‘s publication date is fast approaching and DAMN if it hasn’t been given one hell of a nod. The book is listed as one of Flavorwire‘s notable books of November. Other titles include This Is Between Us by Kevin Sampsell, Hill William by Scott McClanahan, and The Isle of Youth by Laura van den Berg. Man, what a list! Big thanks goes out to Jason Diamond for including the book. Here’s what he said about the book:

Unexpectedly, Michael J. Seidlinger has given us the boxing novel of the year. The Laughter of Strangers is a tough and gritty book that will challenge you page after page, but it is oh so worth it.

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File Under Awesome: peterbd email titled “hip hop artist’s respond to michael j seidlinger’s prose”

Pure awesome. Thanks for the insanely kind and insanely funny words, peterbd!

whew, finished the novel. now it’s time for some wine.
– michael j seidlinger
the literary molestin is taking place, fucking with m.j.s it aint safe 

– the notorious b.i.g

i’m here for clever tweets. yeah, i caved in.

– michael j seidlinger

let your hair down baby, michael hit a score, pick any book on the planet, prose galore, take what good reads figures than figure ten, cause they forgot to account he’s a beast with the pen

– jay z

everything I’ll ever fucking do is a balloon. the kind of response I’m looking for here is for some asshole to threaten to pop them
– michael j seidlinger
if reading books should die before i wake, i’ll load an extended clip and demolish them all day, murder every ipad, just for mike’s sake. body every kindle, just for mike’s sake
– nas

i have a to-read stack of books as tall as me. i wish i were taller.
– michael j seidlinger

i wish i was a little bit taller, i wish i wasn’t smaller, i wish i had a girl who looked good, i would call her, i wish i was michael j seidlinger, cause he’s a muthafucin baller
– skee-lo

Today I am sick as shit.
– michael j seidlinger

good morning, look at the other novelists, scared of the future, while mike is so sick with this shit, scared to face the world, complacent and not stunting, they mad cause they didn’t write ‘the sky conducting’ 

it’s going viral. no escape
– michael j seidlinger
the tables bout to turn i bet my fame on it, dudes take his synopses and put they name on it, that’s ok though, you can’t hold mike down, his prose will always move you 
– lil kim

i went from freezing in the cold to sweating in the heat. damn nature you scary.
– michael j seidlinger

mikey’s a monster, ask his publisher, cold muthafuca, his live reads are trouble, passionate and he’s humble, recovers when he tumbles, the heat he packs is scary, leaving writers leery 
– rick ross

blahing the day away.
– michael j seidlinger
there they go, packing stadiums as michael spits his prose, nuts they are, minds are fuckin blown plus they need cpr, he can make them look like mofos, just only with his legendary flow, fuck yes, passed the test, his words are like a blow to your chest, mike aint had a buzz like this since the last time that you read his prose, haters waiting for mike to fall because they’re mad they don’t come close, back up in this bitch and they know, he’s going harder then before, bashing you writers in the head, all with his muthafucin pen, the passion of his words has erupted, you can’t turn away cause you love it, this is exactly what he does, while you’re just a writer interrupted, you dealing with a hardorce artist, and yes this dude is just getting started, he goes the hardest, he’s never tired, in due time all you others will expire, payback mr. franzen, for thinking your novel was better than young mike’s, when he releases his new shit, you’re gonna disappear so get out of sightthe hemingway of his time, he’s taking over this fucking place, seidlinger dropped ‘the day we delay’ so he’s earned the right to blah his life away

someone already wrote my autobiography
– michael j seidlinger

don’t try to fight the feeling, mike is entertaining and he’s of the now, thank god, for his literature, others writers jealous cause they don’t know how 
– andre 3000

My Pet Serial Killer reviewed at HTML Giant

And what a review, damn. Here’s an excerpt from the review:

Some people raise cats and dogs. Claire, the protagonist of Michael Seidlinger’s My Pet Serial Killer, raises serial killers. Caged within the pages of the book is the ‘Gentlemen Killer,’ his gallery of helpless women, and a whole panoply of cultural idiosyncrasies that seem strangely alien when viewed through the cool detachment of Claire. Claire is an experienced collector who dissects social rituals with the vivifying apathy of a biologist. I’ve read a lot of serial killer books in the past two years, most trying to differentiate themselves by latching onto a more unusual gimmick. My Pet Serial Killer distinguishes itself with a unique foray into the world of mass murderers that’s best encapsulated by Claire’s proposition to the Gentlemen Killer: “I support you financially. I give you a place to hide. I make sure you are never under suspicion of being what you really are, a cold-blooded psychotic killer (so hot), and, in return, you clue me into your process. You become mine.”

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For the book, you know what to do.

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Oh and here’s a random photo of a serial killer doing what serial killers do:


No, I take it back. Dexter is some kind of bullshit but it’s definitely not what serial killers do. I thought about putting up real photos of serial killer victims but, at the last minute, thought against it. Not everyone skimming this post will take kindly to some of those photos. Some of you might even like Dexter (really? What about it do you like? Do you think it’s “clever?”).

Anyway, yeah, it’s a great review. Thanks Peter for reading and really cutting into the corpse of the novel.

My Pet Serial Killer reviewed at Word Riot

My Pet Serial Killer reviewed at Word Riot

“This is a book you will love, even if it seems like everything you want to avoid. I read this book in one day, in two sittings, addicted to the prose, its conversational tone at such odds with its wild content.

“This is serial killer fiction as it has never been done before. It is maddening and dark and twisted and yet somehow so much fun to read.

“Just dive in and enjoy the twisted ride.”

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