In Theory, This Will Be Fun


The book comes out in a few days—publication date: May 13th, 2014. In celebration (or should I say in mourning?) of the book’s release, I’ll be sleepless and technically homeless, doing… something and I don’t know why.

In a big way, being in an airport is a lot like being lost at sea. So many places and possibilities to drift, but not if you don’t already know where it is that you’re going.

I don’t know where I’m going.

That’s why I’m not going anywhere.

I’ll be living in an airport for 48hrs.

Beginning 10AM on Wednesday May 14th through Friday May 16th around 10AM: Going nowhere and probably getting into some shit. There’s a good chance I will no longer be human by the end of it. There’s a pretty damn good chance that I’ve never been human. Not to worry, I’ll be online and active during the entire thing.

Odds are you’ll hear from me, be it a tweet, a post on Facebook, or a photo/video on Instagram. I’ll be calling out to everyone while I’m stranded in a state of flux. I’ll also have one of my best writer friends around, Kyle Muntz, hanging around, surviving this ridiculousness with me.

Might as well repeat it; saying it more than a few times makes it sound less insane to me: I’ll be living in an airport for 48hrs in celebration, and mourning, of the publication of “The Fun We’ve Had.”

Yes I’m serious. Look how serious I am:


. . .

Will it be fun? I hope so. If not, I’ll be at the airport bar.

 \m/ \m/