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Free Consultation

30-minute chat about what you’re looking for, be it editorial or design, marketing or social media. We’ll identify solutions and goals so that you can leave the call with a plan of attack.

Editorial Packages

Level 1 – Generative

Maybe you have too many ideas and can’t see through the clearing. Perhaps you are road-blocked and don’t know where to go with your story, essay, or book. Suffering through a dry spell? We tackle the issue(s) and we won’t back away until there’s not only a strategy but also a goal in sight. ($50/hr)

Level 2 – Content / Revision

We’ll take that work-in-progress and run it through the gauntlet of content consideration and revision. We’ll end up with a draft that’s ready to undergo a line edit. ($50/hr)

Level 3 – Line Edit

When the draft is air-tight and structurally sound, it’s time for the meticulous eye. Line by line, we’ll massage the work into a beauty that reads beautifully on the page. ($.35/word)

Full Package

Every step of the way, from initial idea right on down to the final draft, we’ll work together on making it amazing. (book a consultation for quote)

Design Packages

Level 1 – Interior Design

Nothing stands out better than a book that looks beautiful page after page. Expert typographical insight and an eye for elegance, we’ll make sure the innards of your book shine as well as its exterior. ($150-300/depending on length and complexity of book)

Level 2 – Cover Design

Let’s face it: everyone judges a book by its cover. So why not make that cover look as beautiful and bold and unique as it can be? We’ll ensure that everyone stops to check out your book. ($150-350/depending on style of book)

Level 3 – Marketing Design

Posters, post-cards, pins, stickers, tee-shirts… we’ll work together on designing eye-catching and fashionable merchandise for your needs, be it for a marketing campaign or for purely fashionable purposes. (variable/book a consultation for quote)

Full Package

Interior, cover, and everything in between – we’ll make it shine. (book a consultation for quote)

Marketing Packages

Level 1 – Branding

Contrary to conventional belief, everyone can stand out in a crowd. We’ll look at your aesthetic and assess how to better accentuate your strengths, nullify the negatives, and create a balanced mindset for being a writer in our 24/7 information-hungry world. ($40/hr)

Level 2 – Strategy

Got a book coming out? Going on tour? Maybe you are about to start a business, a reading series, a podcast. Whatever it is, we’ll strategize and create a campaign that rolls out the red carpet and makes the best first impression. ($50/hr)

Level 3 – Term

Need help with an upcoming book launch or campaign? We’ll work together on creating a marketing campaign that pairs up nicely with your work (book a consultation for quote)

Full Package

Branding, campaign, and curation, the gamut. (book a consultation for quote)

A La Cart

Choose Your Level

Need some line edits and some advice/strategy for social media? Maybe you’ve got tons of story ideas, no direction, but also need help designing a shirt? If something doesn’t fit into one of the packages above, don’t worry – we’ll pick and choose and iron out what fits your needs during your FREE consultation.

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