The 10 Best Books to Read This August

Chicago Review of Books


August is the final month of the summer book season, and it seems like many publishers were saving their most eclectic, off-beat titles for the sign of Leo. In The Last Days of New Paris, the City of Light detonates a “surrealist bomb” to repel the Nazi occupation in 1940. In Mr. Eternity, an old sailor who calls himself Daniel Defoe claims to be 560 years old. And in The Trees, an English suburb turns into a forest overnight.

9780374212438_f5ab1Moonstone: The Boy Who Never Was
by Sjón

Translated from the Icelandic by Victoria Cribb
Farrar, Strauss and Giroux, August 2

“Máni Steinn is gay in a society in which the idea of homosexuality is beyond the furthest extreme. His city, Reykjavik in 1918, is homogeneous and isolated and seems entirely defenseless against the Spanish flu, which has already torn through Europe, Asia, and North America and is now lapping up on Iceland’s…

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A Brief Interview with Michael J. Seidlinger

Michael Tager profiled me for What Weekly.

MICHAEL J. SEIDLINGER HAS A LOT OF ENERGY. He doesn’t stop moving, even while talking or listening or eating tater tots. He doesn’t fidget so much as he constantly notices the world around him. There’s nothing birdlike about his features, but the way his head tilts as he examines a menu or the questions an interviewer throws his way suggest otherwise.

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