The Author of ‘Falter Kingdom’ Is Possessed

Chicago Review of Books

9781939419750_63682Michael J. Seidlinger is not your typical YA author. Case in point: after unboxing the first copy of his new book Falter Kingdom, he set it on fire and lit a cigar with the flames. That and he writes fiction from midnight to 4 a.m., in between his three other literary jobs (publicity director at Dzanc Books, reviews editor at Electric Lit, and publisher-in-chief at CCM).

Falter Kingdom is the first-ever young adult novel from the Los Angeles-based independent publisher Unnamed Press. Bucking the YA trends of the past decade, Seidlinger’s seventh book does not feature a post-apocalyptic dystopia or a lovable protagonist. Instead, it’s about a lazy, misanthropic teen named Hunter who is obsessed with unboxing videos. And after exploring a mysterious tunnel in the woods on a dare, he’s possessed by a demon. I recently spoke with Seidlinger about how he finds time to write fiction and why he infused a young-adult novel…

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