CCM is Hiring \m/ \m/

CCM — Deputy Editor

*line-editing manuscript for final

*content-editing manuscript for final

*weekly reports to the publisher

*collaboration via email (or whatever channels are agreed upon between editor and author) with author

*(added bonus) typesetting/interior book design

As an editor for CCM, your primary duty will be to line-edit assigned manuscripts. You will work with the author on any/all content edits that may inevitably arise within the deadlines allotted. This typically means the manuscript is assigned to you between 2-4 months before publication.

You will be assigned a CCM email address and from there you’ll be equipped with the ability to work and collaborate with the author(s) of each assigned project.You will be required to provide the publisher (me) a weekly update, typically at the end of the business week, a Friday, detailing out current progress on the manuscript(s). As you can imagine, the content will vary greatly from project-to-project. Some might be fiction; others could be poetry. CCM has acquired titles that defy categorical designation; however, this is the beauty of CCM and what our readership has come to expect. I hope you’ll take the challenge with excitement, seeing how no two manuscripts will ever be the same.

Typesetting skills in InDesign are optional but a definite plus. Though I expect to be the one responsible for laying out the book for print, as editor, you are within your role to suggest layout/design preferences that may reveal itself during the editing of the manuscript. It’s not uncommon to discover a better means of laying out a poem, dialog, or whole chapters than what the author used in the original manuscript.

**FOUR POSITIONS ARE AVAILABLE. IF INTERESTED, SEND RESUME/COVER LETTER (Yeah, I know, but I need to know a little about you too) TO **

CCM Managing Editor 

*managing daily CCM/Copeland-brand social media presence (FB, Twitter, Tumblr)

*processing direct orders received via CCM site

*processing bulk/bookstore orders received

*press site updates

*answering general email from readers, fans, authors, etc.

As the managing editor of CCM, you are responsible for the daily performance of the press. Your daily duties will consist of posting/sharing content related to CCM’s titles on FB, Twitter, and Tumblr. The majority of this content will be reviews, interviews, and other grassroots promotion from both author and the rest of the literary community. Though not much of a taxing job, it will require that you be online at least 3 times a day, preferably during the key “prime time” moments when social media is most active (morning, 930am/1030am est | afternoon 3-4pm est | evening 8-9pm est) in order to spread awareness and to be involved.

In addition to managing the CCM internet presence, you will be tasked with keeping track of the orders email account, processing any and all orders that come in. Additionally, the CCM site will need to be updated whenever a new review or piece of significant promo is published about one of the books. Lastly, you will be responsible with CCM’s general email accounts (such as The majority of these emails will be spam; however, it’s important to check because the occasional submission or order ends up in the wrong account.

**ONE POSITION IS AVAILABLE. IF INTERESTED, SEND RESUME/COVER LETTER (Yeah, I know, but I need to know a little about you too) TO **

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