Dennis Cooper read and loved “The Fun We’ve Had”

Alongside three other amazing books, “Scarecrone” by Melissa Broder, “Earthbound” by Ken Baumann, and “Horse Girl” by Kalliopi Mathios, Dennis not only read The Fun We’ve Had but also made certain to mention on his blog, DC’s, that he enjoyed/recommended it. A long time fan of Dennis Cooper’s work, both on the page and on the stage, this is truly a humbling and heartwarming occasion. Cooper continues to be a model lit citizen wherein he continues to innovate and create new benchmarks for the rest of us to admire while also looking over his shoulder to keep track of the indie/literary scene while he continues his ascent. There aren’t many out there that insist on maintaining a foothold on the conditions of the literary scene but Dennis Cooper has been doing this for as long as anyone can remember. He’s truly one of the best and I’m absolutely ecstatic to know that Dennis loved The Fun We’ve Had.


Click here for the entire post.

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