David Blumenshine interviewed me for Similar Peaks


David Blumenshine, the mastermind behind one of the more exciting new literary blogs forged as-of-late, Similar Peaks, asked me some questions, many of them that border on personal. Here’s a sample:

“what is yr process like?

“I have to stay interested in the piece I’m writing. I get tired of things easily so I’m always on a limited clock. This is probably why I write quickly; I become completely consumed by the piece I’m working on to the point where, sometimes (depending on the main character), I even get lost in the thoughts of the character. This is also why I almost need to write something definitively and with absolute certainty; if I’m not certain about it, I kill it off. I have a whole graveyard full of dead words. I’ve killed a lot and I will kill again. But I’m afraid of it—the killing. I’m afraid of what might happen if I stay with a piece for too long. The results can’t be good.”

Click here for the complete interview.

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