(Promotion) The Serial Killer Profiles

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Claire’s victims, Claire’s confidants.

Claire’s pets.


We will start with her:




Alias/Known As: “Claire Wilkinson”

Real name: Hannah Lee

Number of victims: 0






~Believes that there is a person perfect for her out there.

~Doesn’t seem to think that it’s impossible to really commit to someone as long as they commit to her first.

~She is a giver, not a taker.

~True commitment keeps a relationship from being more than a cheap fling.

~She sees it as a career move.

~Has seen and been in a lot of relationships, but seldom one that made her think about settling down.

~Vaguely understands that she has a very specific type..

~Love is considered to be precious, whatever that means.

~A lasting loneliness is what she fears most.




Alias/Known As: “This Guy”

Real name: Justin Mayberry

Number of victims: 5





~Didn’t kill until first kill. Killed because the dude had a knife already. Seemed right.

~Killed because the victim was there.

~Got rid of the body in easiest way possible: left it there.
~Killed again because person was really annoying.

~Used a broken bottle and smothering.
~Got rid of body in the easiest way possible: left it there.

~Kept on ending up in situations with person easily able to be killed.

~Killed and left bodies there.

~Apprehended after fifth kill. Asked for motive, replied, ““I dunno. It was there.”




Alias/Known As: “Rosemary ”

Real name: Tanta Bensko

Number of victims: 14







~Rose to prominence via word-of-mouth about unique healing business.

~Where many get tattoos and other body modification, offered something entirely different.

~Using a technique dubbed “positive waves transference,” was able to transform client body into a work of art.

~The resulting effect of therapies could change eye color, draw the inner dreams of a person onto their skin, increase/decrease muscle definition, and heal maladies.

~Alternative use of alternative medicine involved “rebirth” of bodies less than 24hrs dead.

~In order for the technique to work had to first give rise to one dead person.

~Used resurrected person to dig up/recover next dead source to be able to continue healing business.

~Realized that it was impossible to keep resurrected person without arising suspicion.

~Disposed of resurrected person by sequestering in windowless room until starvation.




Alias/Known As: “Bertha Gifford”

Real name: Tracie Marie Morell

Number of victims: 24





~Always wanted to live on a boat headed nowhere, out at sea.

~Preferred the solitary seas but found it difficult to get away from people no matter how far away from the shoreline.

~Encountered numerous boats, a few commercial ships, and one cruise-line.

~Attacked by pirate ship one night despite having thought pirate ships to be extinct.

~Survived by joining pirate ranks only to murder them by night.

~Fished for sharks using bits and pieces of human body.

~Survived until unintentional encounter with coast guard.




Alias/Known As: “The Boosted God”

Real name: Steve Roggenbuck

Number of victims: 60+







~Traveled the country reading, writing, filming, and promoting literary poetry and positive branding.

~Developed noteworthy fanbase due to consistent productivity online and offline.

~Began developing a possible, but radical offshoot of brand.

~Offshoot became a secondary venture. Set up numerous occasions where individuals expecting a reading ended up trapped in a windowless room.

~Room draped in darkness until single spotlight and a shadowy figure in a hoodie appeared, all individuals turning and watching as music – typically Skrillex, Justin Bieber, or Owl City – kicked in.

~Uplifting discourse followed by revelatory audience participation based on the prompt, “You only live once. Make something beautiful. What is holding you back?”

~Individuals let go and begin revealing all hesitance, fear, and resistance holding them back from living their lives the way they want to.

~Absorbed all negativity in order to boost; by morning, all individuals reported to have felt like a whole new person.

~ “Live your life” whispered in their minds, found later that individuals’ heart stopped for up to two minutes before starting again.

~All “victims” fail to remember the events but have since adopted a level of productivity and positivity.




Alias/Known As: “Armstrong”

Real name: David James Keaton

Number of victims: 18







~Owned a toy store that sold nothing but Stretch Armstrong brand toys.

~After the store quickly folded, had trouble dealing with failure.

~Did not know how to get rid of a roomful of inventory.

~Attempted to give the toys away but few took them.

~Unable to face the dead plastic stare of Stretch Armstrong, impulsively looked for places to hide inventory.

~Disposed of some via dumpsters across the city until one night two teenagers watched the act.

~Post ridicule for odd behavior, used brass knuckles to render both teenagers unconscious.

~Took Stretch Armstrong toys and inserted them into unconscious teenagers’ bodies.

~Surprised to see how easy Stretch Armstrong fits inside the human body.

~Stalked others in the park late at night in hopes of riding inventory until capture.




Alias/Known As: “Liz Schultz”

Real name: Megan Liebold

Number of victims: 31







~Traveled to the US from Germany at age 18 to pursue a career in medicine.

~Studied and subsequently became a surgeon but found the end result less interesting than the pursuit.

~Rationalized that surgery was a means to an end.

~Though ultimately uninterested in surgery, found pride in the ability to understand and deconstruct the human body organ-by-organ.

~Began pursuing random victims, mostly medical students drunk at bars, one qualifier being the potential victim’s choice of beer.

~Used anesthetics to incapacitate already drunken target.

~Dismantled victims’ bodies and composed facsimile cadavers claiming them to be perfect in “theory” although in “practice” proved to be less interesting than the pursuit.

~Until capture, continued to drug and dismantle despite recognizing that the “act” was far more worthwhile and purposeful than the end result.

~Operated under an understanding that whatever motivation there might have been ceased to exist the moment after act. The act of dispatch and dismantling was most important.




Alias/Known As: “Toby Cornwell”

Real name: Shane Jesse Christmass

Number of victims: 40+







~Was a collector of projectile weapons and a moderately successful target shooter until moving on to bladed weapons.

~Developed a quasi-magic show utilizing knife throwing and other techniques.

~Two months after performing, started incorporating real torture and harm into show.

~Joined nationally syndicated show after six months of touring the country.

~Quickly garnered a following due to relative impressive, and realistic, showcase of blood and gore.

~Audience failed to recognize difference between misdirection/magic and actual harm.

~Volunteers were subjected to public torture while audience believed every bludgeon, cut, and puncture were a part of an illusion.

~Reported later that an average of three victims succumbed to the torture, perishing while in public view, mid show.




Alias/Known As: “Leviathan”

Real name: Jacob Perkins

Number of victims: 30+




~Worked during summer as an experienced commercial fisherman.

~Found other seasons less eventful, even boring.

~Turned to literature for a fitting outlet and escape and quickly used books as a lure.

~Hunted down a half-dozen locations where a fishing rod and 50 Shades of Grey proved to be perfect attractant to people walking the sidewalks.

~When 50 Shades ceased to work, turned to other popular culture reads.

~Baited victims into head-on collisions with incoming vehicles and other hazards before developing a different sort of lure.

~Removed spine of the book and replaced it with spring-loaded device with teeth.

~Victims’ hands gripped as if in a vise, used strength of the altered fishing rod to raise victim up to 8 stories off the ground before subsequent free-fall headfirst.

~When asked about the sheer oddity of his method, responded matter-of-factly, “I’m just as surprised as you are. I didn’t think it would work. The fish are smarter.”




Alias/Known As: “Incandenza”

Real name: Matt Nelson

Number of victims: 30+







~Always was a fan of David Foster Wallace but could not stomach the fact that few, if any, that claimed to be DFW fans had completed the author’s magnum opus, Infinite Jest.

~Sought a bookclub wherein readers would be receptive to a critical analysis of the text.

~Failing to find any proper venues, chose to create something thought to be “just as good.”

~Loitered around Fiction sections of local bookstores, watching and waiting for customers to pull a copy of Infinite Jest from the shelves.

~Approached and asked customers outside bookstores pretending to notice off-hand the book, “Infinite Jest, huh, looking forward to reading it?”

~Answers deemed insincere and/or disinterested marked customer as targeted victim.

~Followed targets home, returned later to tie up and bind victim to a chair for subsequent reading.

~Fed page after page of Infinite Jest to victim until demise via strangulation and/or hemorrhaging.




Alias/Known As: “Miss Elizabeth”

Real name: Natasha Cabot

Number of victims: 10





~Worked as a licensed masseuse for 5 years prior to first experimentation with special oils.

~Oils confirmed to be a mixture of toxic chemicals that numbed the skin and resulted in confusion.

~Cut samples of client’s skin and preserved them to be fed to other clients.

~Severed incapacitated client’s major arteries and tongues.

~Drained blood into large plastic containers.

~Victims’ blood reportedly an ingredient in the special oils.

~Victims never regained consciousness.

~Bodies hastily disposed of without clear foresight.

~Tongues found in a basement freezer wrapped in cotton.




Alias/Known As: “DJ A/S/L”

Real name: Casey Van Buren

Number of victims: 40+







~Rose to prominence as a local DJ that hosted a number of marathon raves.

~Remixed music into unprecedented 8 hour “trips” rumored to have a hallucinogenic effect on listeners.

~Manipulated audience with subliminal messages hidden into the low-end of audio spectrum.

~Raves reported to have attracted large amount of crime with many deaths.

~Causality unconfirmed for months before evidence pointed to intentional stimulation of audience.

~During subsequent interrogation, claimed to have intended on providing the biggest aural “high” and stated that casualties were bound to happen before finding perfect balance.




Alias/Known As: “The Machinist”

Real name: Jason Cook

Number of victims: 12





~From an early age, found interest in the formation of puzzles and riddles.

~Often analyzed a puzzle not for its solution but for its structure.

~Interest evolved over formative years to encompass all categories of curiosity.

~By age 22, began exploring the composition of complex objects and organisms.

~A decade of independent study led to discovery of human body as one of the most complex organisms.

~Was compelled to experiment with cadavers before quickly discovering that bodies were not in fresh enough condition for study.

~Opted for still-living human body for further study and initially targeted consenting adults responding to an online advertisement

~Consenting individuals were drugged using complex anesthetic reportedly acquired from friends.

~Victim’s body systematically dismantled, organ by organ, under intention of seeing how much can be extracted from the human body before being unable to operate.

~Failed to satisfy interest before being arrest.




Alias/Known As: “David Evan Towers”

Real name: David Tomaloff

Number of victims: 22







~From age eighteen, knew that experimentation in violence would expand into the flesh arts.

~Spent most of his 20s developing an efficient form of drugging and disposal.

~First active from at age 25 and continued until detained at airport on flight out of the country.

~Understood that most successful killers are those that lack an MO

~Specifically targeted anyone within grasp.

~Used ketamine/midazolam mixture to subdue victims.

~Later reported victims to range from 18 to 23 and often looked for targets at a shopping mall two towns over.

~Used false name and a number of false job titles to attract victims with interesting conversation.

~Force-fed victims large amounts of a corn/wheat meal concoction until was stomach bloated and full.
~Favored methods of execution include exsanguination, scalding water, or, as in later cases, a bolt gun to top of the forehead.

~Often, sets of dots distanced by about 3/4″ on the feet, buttocks, or back are found.

~Burned the words “mule side” on victims’ hips or rear lower abdomen areas.

~Left bodies in nearby cornfields where they would most likely be found by nearby pickers and farmers.




Alias/Known As: “Martin Parker”

Real name: Gabriel Ricard

Number of victims: 30+







~Was always fascinated with the elasticity of skin when cured with the right marinades.

~Donned the name “Martin Parker” and started a beef jerky business, Parker & Co, to moderate success.

~Sold well enough at the start but quickly realized Parker & Co could not compete without a special recipe.

~Spent years developing various recipes until temporarily abandoning business venture.

~Stumbled upon interesting flavor using skin-spice mixture.

~Experimented with recipe using moderate cuts of own skin from forearms, back, and thighs.

~Belief in having discovered a special recipe resulted in quick succession of missing persons.

~Captured victims by luring small groups of young teenagers in van under promise of alcohol.

~Developed successful recipe and Parker & Co experienced a two year run of success before authorities tracked widespread teenage disappearances to Parker’s estate.

~Remains incarcerated with no parole and frequently provides correspondence discussing recipe and method of capture to any and all interested parties.




Alias/Known As: “Greenspell”

Real name: David Greenspan

Number of victims: 8







~Worked on Wall Street for approximately a year before first reported activity.

~Watched American Psycho and was instantly enthralled by the Patrick Bateman character.

~Targeted female colleagues matching the fashion chic in line with characters from the film.

~Treated victims to elegant and trendy dinner and dance club date.

~Lied to victims about middle name being Patrick in order to be addressed as closely to the Bateman character as possible.

~Brought victims to apartment and played Whitney Houston to them while lecturing about the finer things in pop music.

~Drugged victims drink and upon passing out, trapped pet rats in victims body before smearing cheese around opening.

~Watched and read from film and novel of American Psycho throughout the act.

~Disposed of bodies in basement incinerator.




Alias/Known As: “Iron Tiger”

Real name: Zachary Hull

Number of victims: 38





~Worked the night shift at various 24hr diner locations.

~Gained following among late-night regulars after becoming a small-time bookie setting up betting pools based on after-hours bare-knuckle fights around the city.

~Soon expanded beyond bookmaking into the world of snuff film.

~Recorded fights to the death on video and sold it to customers.

~Scouted for fighters/victims at local gyms, enticing fighters with prospect of a rigged fight an easy money.

~Video footage leaked onto the World Wide Web.

~Soon after released full video confession along with footage of a fight wherein he loses.

~Left behind a trail of conflicting evidence leading to the arrest of dozen local fighters.




Alias/Known As: “The Main Plot Marauder”

Real name: Joseph Michael Owens

Number of victims: 37







~Wrote short stories published in local newspapers and journals.

~Targeted interested parties responding to published fiction; proceeded to write addendums to effective fiction, often with interested parties enticed into becoming secondary characters in his fiction.

~Continued communication with interested parties for up to 6 months prior to first incursion; promised immortality in the form of his characters.

~Targeted up to 5 victims at any given time; met with victims at least twice a month, often with minor lacerations and damage to victim’s body, all in line with fiction originally written.

~Progressed over 6-12 month duration until victim was rendered weak and incapacitated based on death of fictional character(s) of source material found in local newspapers and journals.

~Completed fiction/target victim by rendering victim weak and vulnerable, lured victim to a secluded location for subsequent dispatch.

~Victims’ bodies never found; only fingers and eyes found in killer’s ice-locker.


PatChugAlias/Known As: “The Candy Man”

Real name: Patrick Wensink

Number of victims: 17




~Posed as an employee of a local sweets/candy shop; used mock-employee status to search for victims.

~Pinpointed victims based on receptiveness to his good-natured communiqués.

~Offered receptive victims chocolate whistles; recorded name/license info of those that took offered whistles.

~Targeted victims at their home locations; constructed chocolate gnomes, window fixtures, and other invasive exterior household items to induce alarm.

~Continued behavior until victims vacated home; subsequently followed victims to temporary housing.

~Disposed of victims and left bodies in threes, each with whistle in mouth.




Alias/Known As: “That Guy”

Real name: David S. Atkinson

Number of victims: -8







~Known to wander into local police precincts under pretense of criminal charge.

~Confessed to crimes proven to later have not been committed.

~Continued fictional portrayal of criminal activities online and offline via blog and newspaper classifieds.

~Wrote long diatribes under guise of victims; posted diatribes on social media and blogs.

~Confessed to crimes at local precinct; released under lack of cause/no crime committed.

~Spent upwards of 40 hours in local drunk tank under false charges.

~Has clean record; yet to have a single recorded criminal charge on record.




Alias/Known As: “Psych”

Real name: Ben Tanzer

Number of victims: 7




~Estimated to operate between the hours of 7PM and 11PM.

~Cold-called from a pay card various local residences.

~Spoke to receptive individuals, often for hours at a time, discussing the ups and downs of their life choices.

~Gave advice and proceeded to ensnare victims with a truth that kept them on the phone waiting for his every command.

~After providing advice, reportedly used influence to command victims.

~Stated to have told victims, “This is how I will change your life.”

~Told victims how to stabilize/improve life.

~Victims resist or desist.

~Victims that resisted resulted in self-induced suicide.




Alias/Known As: “Bill Giles”

Real name: Mel Bosworth

Number of victims: 14





~Appeared mysteriously in various cities throughout Massachusetts.

~Operated under the name “Bill Giles.”

~Introduced/approached various local politicians and business tycoons at locations of leisure (restaurants, bars).

~Offered drinks and reportedly gained confidence of proposed victims with remarkable efficiency.

~Left victims where he met them before toxic concoction placed in their drinks took hold.

~Used a mixture of household cleaners and anomalous liquids to blend a hemorrhage-inducing effect.

~Victims coughed up blood and expired approximately 1.2 hrs after ingestion.

~Name “Bill Giles,” the authority’s only lead, found to be a false-identity.

~”Bill Giles” discovered to be name of first victim.




Alias/Known As: “Hipster Casanova”

Real name: Caleb Ross

Number of victims: 29







~Met victims at literature readings and art gallery events.

~Spoke with a clear and alluring accent said to be very charming by those that turned down his offers.

~Used self-deprecating, laid back conversation to let victim’s guard down.

~Often used the opening line, “Do I have something stuck between my teeth?” to start a conversation.

~Courted victim for approximately a week while waiting for inspiration to mount.

~Upon finding inspiration, approached victim with proposal to be a part of latest work of art.

~Used bladed weapons, nails, and other items to puncture, carve, and write into victim’s skin.

~After body was carved into with words and floral designs, made cast molds of the victim’s body to be later hardened into saleable pewter sculptures.



Alias/Known As: “The Preserver”

Real name: Ben Spivey

Number of victims: 11







~Targeted customers of a local franchise restaurant where employed as head chef.

~Fed victims food treated with a quick acting drug inducing effects akin to inebriation.

~Offered to drive victims home; those that agreed were never seen from again.

~Upon slipping into a deep sleep, victims were wrapped / smothered and set in plastic.

~Selected portions were preserved and later used in daily specials at the restaurant.

~Remainders of wrapped bodies were portioned out into small pieces and disposed of in a dozen locations across the tri-state area.


It always begins and ends with Claire.

Be mine.


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