(Promotion) Megan Liebold is “Liz Schultz”


Alias/Known As: “Liz Schultz”

Real name: Megan Liebold

Number of victims: 31




~Traveled to the US from Germany at age 18 to pursue a career in medicine.

~Studied and subsequently became a surgeon but found the end result less interesting than the pursuit.

~Rationalized that surgery was a means to an end.

~Though ultimately uninterested in surgery, found pride in the ability to understand and deconstruct the human body organ-by-organ.

~Began pursuing random victims, mostly medical students drunk at bars, one qualifier being the potential victim’s choice of beer.

~Used anesthetics to incapacitate already drunken target.

~Dismantled victims’ bodies and composed facsimile cadavers claiming them to be perfect in “theory” although in “practice” proved to be less interesting than the pursuit.

~Until capture, continued to drug and dismantle despite recognizing that the “act” was far more worthwhile and purposeful than the end result.

~Operated under an understanding that whatever motivation there might have been ceased to exist the moment after act. The act of dispatch and dismantling was most important.


Be Mine


“The killer should do everything right. The killer should leave in the night, the remains of his most recent secure in a black overnight bag. With his return, he has neither bag nor remains. The killer is based in efficiency and routine. The killer mustn’t rely on anyone but himself. All of these things are necessities.”




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