(Hot Stuff) Low Down Death Right Easy by J David Osborne



My review of J David Osborne’s Low Down Death Right Easy is now up at Necessary Fiction. Here’s a sample from the review:


With Low Down Death Right Easy, J. David Osborne catalogs the descent into the poverty line. There are voices, plenty of voices speaking up, loud and desperate. They speak in even tones, frequently passing the narrative back and forth in a daisy chain of short, lucid, one to two page chapters. One voice belongs to Danny Ames who spits out teeth while searching far and wide for his missing brother. There’s also the voice of Arlo Clancy doing his best to stay straight – no more crime – but ultimately, all these voices collide into a gritty tapestry of subversive drama the likes of which I’d compare to Harmony Korine’s Gummo packed in with the short, terse lines of Charles Bukowski and all rolled up with death metal and other deadly beats. It’s the one spliff that you’ll do well to light up and smoke until everything, even the impossible, seems muted, and downright easy.


Click here for the review.

Click here to buy the book.





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