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Yesterday on this blog as part of the promotion of My Pet Serial Killer where Michael Seidlinger profiles various bloggers as a serial killer, he profiled me as a serial killer. Then I thought, why should he have all the fun? Hell, I thought I’d profile him:

Alias/Known As: “That Sick Writerly Bastard”
Real name: Michael J. Seidlinger
Number of victims: Impossible to determine at a given moment–increases constantly in relation to readership of My Pet Serial Killer.
~Operates by sneaking into victims minds and unwinding illusions/gutting preconceived notions as opposed to physical attacks on corporeal bodies.
~Voted ‘most likely to disturb’ by a high school he didn’t even attend. Twice.
~Thought to subtly conceal his deadly writerly word weapons within multiple layers of seemingly innocuous narrative and description.
~Due to the fact that his method of murder technically doesn’t kill the corporeal bodies of victims, murder…

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